LED Drives IC And Mini LED Products To Lead To Accumulating Q3 Revenues Or Rushing To New Heights.

- Aug 05, 2018-

LED drive IC factory is gathered in the second half of the second half of the season, and accumulates the high integrated negative driver IC that can make the LED display effective power saving, and the HDR-Optimized LED driven IC has entered the Samsung top LED cinema scheme, and mini LED drive IC also matches the customer's plan to deliver the product. Legal persons are optimistic that the accumulation of new products in the second half of the year, as well as the rapid increase in the penetration of the mini LED market, the third quarter revenue will hit a record high.——Micro LED

The accumulation benefited from the LED display driver IC delivery into the peak season, the second quarter combined revenue season increased by 23% to 841 million yuan (NTD, the same below), a new quarter revenue history, compared with the same period last year, also grew 27.4%. The legal person is optimistic about accumulating second quarter profit and will achieve a record high. The net profit per share is expected to be 2.3 to 2.5 yuan. The accumulation does not comment on the financial figures of the legal person.——Micro LED

We will organize international seminars and show new products to be launched in the second half of this year. In the main LED display part, due to the increasing demand for electricity saving in the market, the issue of common Yin is continuously fermented in the industry, and the high integration co Yin drive scheme is put forward, which can reduce the power consumption by about 10%, the power saving effect and the low surface temperature, which are very suitable for the control room or the indoor display screen. Application.——Micro LED

Samsung has recently launched a top LED cinemas, throwing a shock bomb for the market. The HDR display and high contrast of Samsung's continuous emphasis is to create an immersive experience environment and provide visual enjoyment beyond the digital projection cinemas. A drive IC supporting HDR-Optimized display has been launched into the Samsung LED cinema supply chain.——Micro LED

On the red mini LED layout, many manufacturers have put forward Mini LED scheme, but still adopt the traditional COB process (Face-up Chip) grain, and the mini LED box which is in cooperation with the mini LED case is the use of crystal grain, which is better than the traditional COB scheme in heat dissipation, luminous efficiency, luminescence uniformity and so on. The accumulation has gradually broken through the production challenge, and the good rate is gradually increased to 99.99%. Compared with the general SMD LED display, the fine and colorful picture can be displayed, and the visual angle is more extensive.——Micro LED

The new 16 channel drive IC scheme is also introduced to strengthen the high contrast interference that solves the most difficult problem of the display screen. The display screen can not be influenced by the bright block or the dark block to produce the hidden phenomenon. The quality of the LED display screen can be upgraded. It is very suitable for the application of the fixed installation screen or the rental screen.——Micro LED

In addition, the accumulation also introduces the new 48 channel drive IC, which is widely used in the industry. In the application zone of the fixed screen, it helps the development of smaller space products. In the application area of the rental screen, the current gain function can more conveniently change the brightness of the display screen.——Micro LED

In addition, Accumulator is also working with partner Creative to launch the smart box application, which is the accumulation of this year's display screen peripheral products. When the display is installed on the smart machine box, the customer feature identification system can be supported and data collection and analysis are carried out to know the attention of the target customers and then put into the advertisement according to the type of customer.——Micro LED

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