LED Eye Protection Lamp Is Eye Or Eye Injury

- Apr 11, 2018-

What is Blu-ray? What is the connection between it and the eye protection desk lamp?

    The influence of blue light on human eyes is in fact exaggerated. We generally classify injuries into three categories, photochemical damage, thermal damage, and mechanical damage.

    The influence of blue light belongs to the category of photochemical damage, and thermal damage exists in the infrared region because our human eye has a retinal temperature of 37 degrees. Excessive heat causes apoptosis, and the blue light is in the range of 400-500 nm. In fact, the photochemical effect on the retina exists. Very different, in the range of 400-440nm, the tolerance of the retina to light is low, and 450-480 tolerate light intensity is 3-5 times more than before,

    The LED peak spectrum is generally between 450-480, so if the normal lighting is normal, there will be no damage to the human eye.

In fact, we have found in animal experiments that part of the blue light wavelength can inhibit the occurrence of myopia, and that the blue light causes macular degeneration. At present, only indirect evidence can be obtained from the epidemiological survey. 450-480nm, conventional full lighting environment (a kind of lighting design that provides a uniform distribution of illumination in all areas)

    It will not cause damage to the retina of the human eye. We have done cell molecular experiments. If it is between 400-440, the light tolerance of the human eye's retina is very low. In fact, the blue light of some bad LED is 400-440nm, so there is a problem.

    What are the ways of blue light damage?

    Blu-ray may cause harm to the human eye mainly from two types of products, the first type is a direct-type LED screen, which has now entered the indoor from the outdoor advertising screen, the current monitoring has been used in large areas, and the education system is also prepared for some time Introducing this kind of screen is the most dangerous.

    The second category is individual lighting and flashlights, which may have an impact. Since these lighting products are close to human eyes and have high light intensity, there is a certain safety risk. When using, try to avoid direct light from the eyes. In fact, 400-440nm, in the conventional lighting environment, is harmful to the human eye, we have found through cell molecular experiments that after 2 hours of irradiation, there will be apoptosis.

    The impact of TV and mobile phones on the human eye:

    The TV is side-lit or backlit, the backlight is indirect, it is displayed on the LCD, and the TV's light intensity is not high, so the TV has less impact. The mobile phone is side-lit and has little damage to the human eye, but the mobile phone is the most cause of eye fatigue. We don't need to worry too much about these two parts.

    So, what kind of table lamp is eye protection desk lamp?

    At present, we don't think there is a true eye-protection light because eye protection should not only be considered as no flicker.

    For putting forward sunlight to really protect the eyes, the director of Visual Health and Safety Protection Lab of China National Institute of Standardization, Cai Jianqi, director of visual human factors studio Cai Jianqi thinks that sunlight is not all right, and the sun is very complicated, such as the ultraviolet region. Cataracts, blue light first discovered that there was a problem in 1912 (or 1920), because the solar eclipse led to a large number of blindness in Europe.

    After snow in the north, when the weather is fine, the sun shines on the snow and reflects on the human eye. It can't stand the snow blindness, and there are more people in China's Tibetan cataract. This is why you should wear sunglasses outdoors.

    So the sun also needs to distinguish between applications.