LED Filament Lamp How To Choose The Driving Power

- Mar 27, 2018-

   LED is a highly efficient light-emitting diode device. It must work in a DC constant current environment in order to continuously emit bright light and illuminate the world. The quality of the driving power will directly affect its brightness and light quality. How to choose a good LED filament drive power is the key to the manufacture of cost-effective LED filament lamp.


 Currently, there are three kinds of driving power for using LED filament lamps:

  The first is a resistance-capacity buck power supply that will be phased out;

  Second, the current mainstream non-isolated switch constant current drive power;

  The third is the emerging high voltage linear constant current driving power.

  At present, the mainstream products of LED filament lamps are C35 candle lamps and A60 bulb lamps, and they have a very small space for installing driving power.

  In the early stage of LED filament lamp development, only a ring-shaped plastic part was added between the glass bulb and the lamp base to expand the space that can accommodate the power module; With the advent of a new generation of LED filament lamp special drive power supply chip, many LED drive power supply necessary protection functions All are concentrated inside the chip, their application circuit is more concise, the parts around the application circuit are more scarce, and the production cost is further reduced.

  The basic operating voltage and current of the filament lamp is DC150V/10-30mA. Therefore, the power supply will be designed for step-up (AC90-130V input), step-down (AC180-265V input), and automatic lift according to different input voltage ranges. Pressure (input AC90-265V) Three different modes to adapt to different grid voltages.

  Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd.LED bulb used emerging high voltage linear constant current driving power。光引擎1.jpg