LED Head Lamp Products Will Be Successful, Li Qing Gross Margin Will Rise.

- May 22, 2018-

LED headlight module factory Li Qing LED headlight products to receive a single victory, after the supply of mainland Dongfeng Xiaokang SUV (Sports ride car) LED car headlight module, this year, 6 new car LED car headlights module orders are successively taken, promising next year's headlight product revenue ratio will be doubled, push up Maori and profit performance.——LED Spotlight

LED headlights high technical level, univalent, gross interest rate is also the highest, in other LED lamp products gradually fall into the price red sea competition situation, LED headlights become the new blue sea that the industry is actively developing.——LED Spotlight

LED headlights enter the technical threshold high, Li Qing input module R & D for many years, finally take the first order - Dongfeng Xiaokang SUV new car "scenery 580", from the second half of last year to start shipping, also let Li Qing get into the car factory LED car headlight module supply chain tickets; since this year, Li Qing has been striving for other mainland independent brands. A total of 6 new car's LED headlights modules are supplied by the depot to meet the new car market schedule, and will be the fastest starting from next year.——LED Spotlight

Li Qing LED headlight module first quarter revenue accounts for 6%, LED taillights, daytime line light accounted for 47% and 41%, with new customer orders to start shipping, next year LED car headlight module revenue ratio will be doubled to more than 12%, the legal person is more optimistic about the gross interest rate will rise. Li Qing has a gross profit margin of about 19% in the first quarter of this year and a net profit of 54 million yuan (NTD, the same below) and EPS of 0.8 yuan after tax.——LED Spotlight