LED Lamp Energy Efficiency Grade Analysis

- Jul 18, 2018-

    Scientific name is since the ballast LED lights LED bulbs, their level of energy efficiency for the national standard, namely the ordinary lighting non-directional since ballast LED lamp limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade "GB 30255-2013, their level of energy efficiency can be divided into level 3, is one of the highest energy efficiency grade 1, as shown in the table 1. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    Table 1 energy efficiency grade of LED bulbs

    Among them,

    Initial light effect: the ratio of the initial light flux to the actual power, lm/W; ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    Color code: color temperature code, i.e., 65 is 6500K, 50 is 5000K, 40 is 4000K, 35 is 3500K, 30 is 3000K, 27 is 2700K, P27 is color coordinate close to Planck curve, color temperature 2700K. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    The light distribution: beam Angle is greater than 180 °. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    Any Angle 0 ° ~ 135 ° area of light intensity and the whole area of average intensity deviation less than 20%;

135 ° ~ 180 ° area flux should be not less than 5% of the total luminous flux. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    Half light distribution: the beam Angle is greater than 180 °, the light distribution is not in conformity with the "full with light" type. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    Must all match: light beam Angle is not greater than 180 ° of directional lighting light distribution type.

    It can be seen from the table that:

1. The light efficiency of high color temperature bulbs is higher than that of low color temperature bulbs, about 10% higher; ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

2. The light efficiency of grade 1 is nearly twice that of grade 3. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

3. The light efficiency of semi-light/quasi-full light is about 15% higher than that of full light. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    When selecting, it is recommended to use LED bulbs with high energy efficiency grade. Grade 3 is the minimum requirement and must be met. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)

    This meter is suitable for LED bulbs with rated power of 2W~60W, rated voltage of 220V and rated frequency of 50Hz. ( LED Energy Saving Bulb)