LED Lighting Development Five Cutting-edge Technology

- Apr 02, 2018-

    Deng Xiaoping said: "Science and technology are primary productive forces." It is true that "social development depends on science and technology and technological progress depends on innovation." The development of the LED lighting industry also needs to seek breakthroughs, continue to advance, and cannot stand still. August has come. Looking back over the past few days, good news has emerged on breakthroughs in new technologies at home and abroad.

    First, ultra-fast LED lighting equipment

Researchers at Duke University in the United States have recently developed an LED lighting device that can open and close 90 billion times in one second, which can be used as the basis for the application of optical computing technology.

    Second, phosphorus luminescent materials

Scientists from Australia State University have recently discovered light emission characteristics in the study of thin layers of phosphorous, which is expected to open up a first-line light for ultra-thin and ultra-light solar (PV) cells and light-emitting diode (LED) applications.

    Third, can emit white light laser

For the first time, American scientists have developed a laser that emits white light. Researchers say that white-light lasers are brighter and more energy-efficient than light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and will play an important role in lighting and wireless communications in the future.

    Fourth, colorable graphene LED

Tsinghua University recently produced color-tunable graphene LEDs. This new type of LED breaks through the color synthesis method of existing display devices and is expected to have a revolutionary impact on display screens, lighting fixtures and communication technologies.

    V. The world's strongest laser equipment

Scientists from the University of Osaka in Japan stated that the “quick-ignition laser (LFEX)” used can generate a 2 gigawatt laser beam, which is currently the world’s most powerful laser beam.