LED Lighting Feast 6 Dishes, Is That Your Dish?

- Sep 07, 2018-

Despite many big-name companies terminal Russian, deep ultraviolet, small spacing, back light, flip, strong packages, large heat dissipation and small drive, intelligent control, phosphor powder, silica gel and other fields of development momentum is also encouraged, more and more capital to join the army "LED industry", more has the black technology such as small G9 bulbs appear frequently. (LED Ceiling Light)


In the future, the LED industry will further improve the industrial concentration, and the superior resources will be closer to the superior enterprises. (LED Ceiling Light)

At the same time of the feast, we also have to ponder, LED products are full of serious homogeneity, product prices are uneven and fierce competition, how should enterprises find a new way out? (LED Ceiling Light)


New technologies are quietly developing, LED market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, LED innovation and application prospects are attractive, LED intelligent lighting is emerging, and the LED industry is on the road. (LED Ceiling Light)


First, the development of chip and packaging is rapid. (LED Ceiling Light)

Light efficiency is improving, and technologies such as flip chip, high voltage chip, COB, EMC, CSP package have been developed. (LED Ceiling Light)

All domestic and foreign device products begin to assemble light source module products, especially IC integrated products, system integration, modular and so on. (LED Ceiling Light)

COB devices under 30W are still the mainstream products in the market and are likely to grow significantly in the future.


Second, while some device makers have been throwing out CSP development and up-side-down metal-free packaging for the past two years, this year is finally catching on. (LED Ceiling Light)

Direct - down backlight, TV - oriented display products have CSP products. (LED Ceiling Light)

For example, CSP packaging products are made in the form of COB, with multiple small devices combined together in series, and can be assembled unlimited according to the application size. (LED Ceiling Light)

In addition, this year with high - index - related phosphor products market performance outstanding.


Third, EMC product imitation of integrated packaging mode made of high power mining lamps and floodlights gradually popular.

With the development of automobile lighting module, the market stability needs to be expanded. For example, the headlights and turning lamps of automobiles are a very attractive market cake. (LED Ceiling Light)


Fourth, smart lighting solutions, smart home and business solutions become the market hotspots. (LED Ceiling Light)

The increasing popularity of intelligent lighting is both a trend and a challenge. The current way of "App+ lamp + control system", in which various products are integrated from lamp to software and system, has no unified standard or protocol and cannot be interconnected, which is a major disadvantage for development. (LED Ceiling Light)


Fifth, the filament lamp is more mature, many enterprises rely on the technology to lead, production and marketing of countries around the world, the market immediately upsurge, sapphire underlay filament lamp and so on becomes the main product which replaces the old wood filament lamp. (LED Ceiling Light)


Sixth, there are more and more ultraviolet LED applications and plant lighting applications, and the popularity rate is higher and higher. For example, ultraviolet LED is applied in the fields of security, disinfection and curing. (LED Ceiling Light)

The potential market of these LED segments is huge, but they all need large-scale application to further explore the market opportunity. (LED Ceiling Light)


At present, the advantages of chip packaging technology emerge, the industrial equipment expands rapidly, the display field extends, the backlight small spacing lead, the intelligent lighting gradually leads the tide. (LED Ceiling Light)

The market segments such as plant lighting, medical lighting and agricultural lighting are also gradually expanding, and have been concerned by the industry. (LED Ceiling Light)


In short, all kinds of new products of this feast of LED lighting have swarmed, and new lighting ecological circle is quietly remodeling... (LED Ceiling Light)