LED Lighting Helps Dutch Enterprises Successfully Plant And Harvest Fruits During Winter

- Oct 11, 2018-

The development of LED horticulture lighting continues to change our understanding of agriculture.

According to LEDinside, since the rise of agricultural lighting, a number of companies have conducted research on growing crops with LED lighting.

It is worth mentioning that the Dutch companies are quite active in this aspect.

More recently, a Dutch company, Delphy, has conducted a study using LED lighting to plant tree berries and blackberries to harvest during the winter.

Delphy first tried using LED lights last November to plant raspberries and blackberries, and fresh blackberries will be harvested starting in March.

The experiment showed that blackberry could be cultivated successfully by LED lighting under limited natural light conditions.

On Sept. 11, researchers at the Delphy improvement center began a new program to grow long-preserved and frozen blackberry plants and prepare to harvest fruits in December.

It is understood that the LED lighting system used in the research center was supplied by Mr.

Delphy said the project, supported by the Netherlands department of agriculture, nature and food quality, aims to study the effects of indoor lighting and a combination of light intensity on the maturation of crops.

At the same time, the research will also develop a future-oriented and efficient new planting concept to achieve the planting of blackberry in winter.