LED Lighting Industry Four Major Consumer Market Analysis

- Sep 23, 2018-

The demand of consumer to lamps and lanterns product always is in constant change, lamps and lanterns enterprise must analyse real time consumption situation carefully, such ability makes corresponding feedback in time. Christmas lights

Nowadays, consumer pays more and more attention to oneself health and environmental protection, take "healthy, environmental protection, safe" the green building material that is character gets favor day by day. Christmas lights

LED lighting industry

The requirement that consumer installs to the home is higher and higher, notice to choose those green, low carbon environmental protection lamps and lanterns product more. Christmas lights

In fact, green production and green consumption have already become international trends. Christmas lights

In international trade, some developed countries have enacted strict mandatory technical standards through legislation to restrict the import of foreign products that do not meet their ecological and environmental standards. Christmas lights

If the lamps and lanterns enterprise can establish the healthy environmental protection brand image in the consumer heart, certainly will bring more market opportunity for the product sale, for the enterprise long-term development lays the solid foundation. Christmas lights


Light industry four major consumption market analysis



Consumers change from individuals to groups

Consumers are no longer in a passive position. They have begun to talk to dealers and enterprises, believing that they can change this passive situation through their own power. Christmas lights

Consumers increasingly distrust authority, trust intuition and word of mouth, and express their opinions about products.

At the same time, consumers also know how to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Christmas lights

Rise of consumer group, adumbrative produce and sell the arrival that unifies times, concern the aspirations of consumer already became the fundamental condition that lamps and lanterns enterprise develops market. Christmas lights


The emergence of middle-class consumers

2. Emergence of middle class consumer groups

With the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class has grown increasingly stronger and become the main consumer group of middle and high-end products. Christmas lights

This part consumer group can have his choice in household life, they can undertake detailed comparison to the product that needs, do not care about big shop sign or not, care quality is good or bad only. Christmas lights

In fact, a new consumer market concept has been quietly popular in the current lighting industry, namely, the market that meets the psychology of consumers with medium income but pursues fashion while meeting their purchasing ability. Christmas lights


The rise of female consumer power

3 the rise of female consumer power

In the United States, women control about 80 percent of consumer spending, accounting for two-thirds of national GDP.

According to the statistical results of the third population census in China, women account for about 48.7% of China's population, among which young and middle-aged women aged 20-50 with strong consumption ability and great influence on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. Christmas lights

According to another survey, women often act as "chief purchasing officer" in household consumption.

Especially in the home building materials and other consumer goods procurement, wife's opinion often become the final decision. Christmas lights


Household consumption pursues new sensuality and brand experience

Nowadays, entering the brand experience shop of lamps and lanterns, participating in the terminal experience activity has become the main way for consumers to understand the product. Christmas lights

The display requirements of the lamp products in the terminal stores are increasingly improved, and the significance of the matching experiential design for the brand development is also increasingly prominent. Christmas lights

The consumer's intuitive feelings in the terminal store will probably become an important factor for him or her to buy the product of this brand. Christmas lights

Articles for use change brand, conduce to the enterprise sets up high quality, high grade brand image in consumer heart.

Accordingly, lamps and lanterns enterprise should pay special attention to brand to build, undertake effective promotion to the product, raise the popularity of the brand and reputation degree. Christmas lights