Led Lumens FAQ

- Jul 22, 2018-

Led lumens FAQ

    What affects the lumens of LED fixtures?

    A: The structural design process, the power adapter does not match the lamp, the heat dissipation is not good, etc.

    What is the calculation formula for led lumens?

    Answer: According to the spectral radiant flux Φ(λ), the luminous flux formula is obtained:


    In the formula, V(λ)—relative spectral luminous efficiency; Km—the maximum value of spectral optical performance of radiation, in units of Lm/W. The Km value was determined by the International Metrology Commission in 1977 to be 683 Lm/W (λm = 555 nm).led bulb light

    For 1W lamp beads, the bigger the led lumen, the better?

    Answer: In principle, the so-called led lumen is the so-called luminous flux. The lumen number emitted by 1W is the luminous efficiency. Therefore, the higher the luminous flux produced by 1W, the better the luminous efficiency. But the increase in luminous flux is achieved by increasing the current.led flame bulb

   This may bring two negative effects: 1. The current is easy to cause light decay. 2. After the luminous flux is high, the color rendering will decrease. These two indicators are the most important indicators to measure the quality of LEDs.led flood light

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