LED Non-stroboscopic Lighting Drive Technology.

- Apr 23, 2018-

    The application of LED lighting technology, make the resulting electric light source frequency flash and stroboscopic effect to cause health problems worthy of our attention, using a stroboscopic LED lighting products to a certain extent brings too much harm to our work and life.When we are in the application of electric light source, the scientific understanding of LED lighting products stroboscope and the harmfulness of stroboscopic effect for science popularization and application of LED energy-saving lamps, build bright, clear and comfortable lighting environment, have important practical guiding significance.

    The frequency flash depth of LED lighting products and the less damage of the stroboscopic effect.

1. The frequency and stroboscopic effect of electric light source.

Stroboscopic and stroboscopic effects are two kinds of physical quantities that are related to the electric light source, the wave depth of the luminous flux and the damage effect (called the strobe effect).Stroboscopic is the depth of the flux fluctuation of the electric light source.The greater the fluctuation depth of light flux, the more serious the frequency flash.The fluctuation depth of the light flux is directly related to the technical quality of the electric light source.

    The magnitude of the wave depth of an electric light source is usually expressed as a percentage.At the present stage, LED fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamp are widely used in electric light source.The T8 (?) driven by the inductive ballast.The fluctuation depth of direct tube fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide light flux is as high as 55%-65%.In the market, some of the low-quality energy-saving lamps still exist as high as 20% to 30% of the stroboscopic depth.

The stroboscopic effect refers to the harm effect caused by the fluctuation of the light flux.The more serious the electric light source is, the more serious the stroboscopic effect is.

    Performance of the damage of the electric light source stroboscopic effect.

    A, cause industrial accident.

    The stroboscopic frequency of electric light source and the speed of moving objects into the multiple relations, the motion of a moving object state will generate static, reverse, speed is slow, and the periodical errors of the above three states vision, cause accidents.For example: sewing machine operator in clothing industry, the needle of high speed up and down movement, the illusion is static state, accidentally finger prick.

    B. Impact on production efficiency.

    The stroboscopic effect can cause visual nerve fatigue and migraine.In particular, high pressure mercury (sodium) lamps and metal halide lamps have been widely used in the machinery industry.The T8 (26mm) direct tube fluorescent lamp is used in light industry, food, printing, electronics, textile and other industries.The effect of stroboscopic effect is very serious.For example, the plug-in operator on the assembly line can easily cause migraines due to visual fatigue and dizziness, resulting in difficulty in positioning.

    C. prolonged use of eye injury.

    After the 1980s, the T8 (?It is widely used in family, school, library and so on.Due to the serious damage of the lighting environment, the small and middle school students have suffered greatly, and the visual acuity has decreased obviously, and the myopia has increased significantly.