LED Outdoor Lighting Market Prospects Broad Industry Problems How To Solve?

- Dec 23, 2018-

Building a smart city and promoting green lighting can achieve sustainable urban development.

In recent years, driven by the government, LED outdoor lighting industry has gained greater development space, especially in the field of road lighting and landscape lighting.

LED outdoor lighting after years of exploration and development, in the application process of technology innovation and breakthrough, level of continuous progress, has completed the qualitative accumulation, the price has declined, the market continues to grow steadily.

According to statistics from OFweek industry research institute, China's LED outdoor lighting market reached 86 billion yuan in 2017, up 24.5 percent year on year.

As cities all over the world strive to promote smart city planning, smart city construction is expected to speed up further in the future. Therefore, LED outdoor lighting, as an important part of smart city, will usher in a stage of rapid development.

With the rapid development of lighting projects, smart street lamps have become a new trend

City attaches importance to lighting project, night tour economy into the city card.

During the G20 summit in hangzhou, landscape lighting won worldwide acclaim.

LED outdoor landscape lighting can form a city's unique characteristics and style, which can attract tourists and drive economic growth.

At present, local governments are actively concerned about the development of urban landscape lighting, and constantly launched landscape lighting engineering renovation projects, for LED lighting enterprises have brought more opportunities.

OSRAM landscape application case: landscape lighting for G20 summit in hangzhou

With the tide of smart city construction surging ahead, the market prospect of smart street lamps is infinite.

According to OFweek semiconductor lighting network editor, intelligent street lamps can automatically adjust brightness according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lamp cable theft prevention, remote meter reading and other functions, which can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management and save maintenance costs.

It can be seen that the smart street lamp system can improve the city's energy efficiency, bring practical benefits to the city, and have an immediate effect. It can also use lighting equipment to capture more urban road and space information, and get through the data of "heaven and earth".

LED smart street lamps can create a three-dimensional sense, layer sense and other comfortable atmosphere, conducive to people's physical and mental health.

The technical core of intelligent street lamp, on the one hand, is realized through intelligent control system;

On the other hand, the quality of light source and technological innovation, to ensure that the volume and quality of light source unchanged, the implementation of relevant intelligent functions.

With the development of One Belt And One Road, PPP, urban night tour economy, characteristic towns and infrastructure construction, LED outdoor lighting industry will usher in blowout development.

The major enterprises compete for layout

In view of the broad market prospect of LED outdoor lighting, many powerful enterprises have participated in it.

As an LED display enterprise, aotuo electronics, lyard, and chuming technology entered the LED outdoor lighting field through merger and acquisition, and achieved good results, which had a positive impact on the company's performance.

As a listed engineering lighting enterprise, mingjiahui has benefited from the national infrastructure investment and cultural tourism policies, and the market of urban engineering lighting projects has grown rapidly. It has seized the opportunities for rapid development and achieved rapid development.

In the first half of 2018, mingjiahui completed business income of 653 million yuan, an increase of 158.3%.

In addition to aotuo electronics, lyard, chau Ming technology, mingjia hui and other enterprises, osram also accelerated the layout of landscape lighting field.

At present, osl has provided urban lighting system solutions for wuhan, Shanghai center, suzhou central ring, yanqi lake, yunnan Dali, guiyang shuanglong new district, fenghua, etc.

At the same time, osram will make use of the technical advantages of the enterprise to support the upgrading and replacement of urban street lamps, so as to make the street lamps in China more energy efficient and intelligent, and more convenient for the municipal management of users, and make contributions to the sustainable development of China.

Although each big enterprise competes for layout, but at present illumination engineering profession market competition is still intense.

Therefore, the major LED outdoor landscape lighting enterprises should be vigilant, constantly seeking new, changing, in order to seize the opportunity in the new round of market competition.