LED Products Can Not Be Ignored

- Aug 26, 2018-

LED products can not be ignored

    LED lighting products have broad market prospects, especially in the field of lighting. At present, there are many LED products used in the field of lighting and lighting, such as LED guardrail lights, LED lawn lights, LED spot lights, LED underwater lights, LED underground lights, and the like. Although everyone knows more about the advantages of LED light source, such as energy saving, long life, and no radiation (environmental light source), several key issues related to LED products need to be noted. led bulb light

    First, use DC constant current power supply

    LED products should use special switching power supply (constant current source) to supply power to LED products, so that the service life of the products will not be affected, but the product cost is relatively high. Therefore, some manufacturers use the RC to reduce the cost of the product to supply power to the LED products, which will directly affect the life of the LED products.

    Second, we must do a good job of anti-static measures

    LED products of different quality standards have different antistatic properties. Therefore, LED products must adopt certain antistatic measures during processing and production, such as: workbench grounding, anti-static clothing, anti-static ring With anti-static gloves, etc., you can install anti-static ion fan, and also ensure that the humidity is about 65%, so as to avoid the air being too dry to produce static electricity, especially green LED, which is relatively easy to be damaged by static electricity.led tube light

    Third, the temperature rise will make the LED internal resistance smaller

    When the ambient temperature rises, the internal resistance of the LED light source will decrease, and the constant current source is used to supply power to ensure that the operating current of the LED is not affected by the external temperature.led flame bulb

    Fourth, the sealing of LED products

    LED products used outdoors are faced with waterproof and moisture-proof sealing problems. If not handled well, it will directly affect the service life of LED products. The traditional epoxy resin "watering" method is used to seal the LED product, which is cumbersome to operate and causes an increase in the weight of the product.led flood light

    At present, the quality of LED products on the market is very good and bad. The LED light source with good quality has high brightness, low light decay, strong antistatic ability and long service life, but the price is several times more expensive than cheap. Although some LED lighting projects use low-quality and low-cost LED light sources, no problems will be found at that time, but they will soon be “completed”, so manufacturers and users should not “kill” the price. Choose an affordable, high-quality LED light source to ensure the life of the lighting project.

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