LED Shows That After The Rise Of The Industry The Purchasing Specialty Needs To Be Improved

- Aug 14, 2018-

According to reports, since July, PCB factories have issued successive price increase notices, including Omway Electronics, Jiantao Group, the industry's major PCB factories have issued price increase notices, set off a great uproar in the industry. Leading to the rising cost of LED raw materials procurement, recently downstream LED display companies have also issued price increases notice. On July 25, Liard issued a price adjustment notice, saying that due to the rising cost of raw materials upstream procurement costs, the company from now on for indoor and outdoor products on the basis of the existing price adjustment. In July 26th, Fujian Hai Jia Cai Liang optoelectronics company also issued a notice of product price adjustment. It's not clear whether other LED display companies are planning to raise prices, but Eliad's influence in the industry is believed to give many LED display companies unlimited reverie.——LED lighting

The impact of rising prices on Industry

LED upstream industrial chain PCB industry has entered the peak season, PCB product prices are expected to rise further, which will form a strong support for LED display. The second half is also the traditional peak season for LED display industry, and the huge market demand for downstream is about to be released. In particular, the expansion of small spacing display applications is expected to usher in a new round of LED industry explosion. With the upstream and downstream industry chain economy gradually booming, the profitability of related companies is also expected to be improved.——LED lighting

The overall industry price increases reflect the value of the industry at the same time, of course, is not to let everyone can not afford the display. In addition to alleviating the lack of R&D investment in the industry, but also to the industry for a long time "price war" has brought a lot of positive impact, so that the real good product from the "low price vortex" to pull away from the price level, the industry needs to return to the level of rational competition, and the initiative to raise prices is undoubtedly a good one. The beginning is more conducive to the development of the industry.——LED lighting

LED display industry is a highly integrated industry, in the middle of the various links of the various parts need to purchase, which makes many channel manufacturers breed, procure raw materials from upstream manufacturers, assemble them, transfer to downstream manufacturers. The middle link becomes very many, very miscellaneous, but the art industry specializes in, they focus on assembly, so that the downstream manufacturers to free up energy, from the cumbersome procurement, assembly links, better management of their own enterprises. More links, procurement matters for many enterprises in the industry is more important, which is worth mentioning more things.——LED lighting

In such a wave of price increases, many enterprises are also thinking about their own price increases, but when everyone is considering whether to increase prices, as represented by the powerful lottery companies are brewing a price reduction. Strange to say, the upstream PCB factories have issued price increases, according to purchased upstream parts. It should be an increase in cost. How can the powerful color and some products be reduced?——LED lighting

As we all know, Powerful Giant is a LED display enterprise which pays great attention to the development channel, and is one of the best developed LED display industry channels. This also makes it close to the upstream and downstream manufacturers. The reason why we choose to lower the price of some products at this time is that Powerful Collector has a strong price digestion ability, its complete supply chain has formed a "strong system" in the industry, attaching importance to supply chain management so that Powerful Collector has a strong cost control, so that Powerful Collector has a price choice space. . When the same type of enterprises in the industry are priced up passively because of the upstream manufacturers and the same type of enterprise products, powerful lottery can have more options.——LED lighting

Attaching importance to purchasing and supply chain management is not only a powerful colour, the downstream LED display manufacturers, the industry's few listed companies Abyson is also a worthy enterprise to talk about. Abison's procurement department has a complete procurement system, strict procurement requirements, the number of people is more than a dozen, to know that many companies procurement department generally only four or five people, some even less. Abison's management of the supply chain makes the cost control of Abison's upstream parts reach a certain level.——LED lighting

There are many problems in the industry procurement itself. It is difficult to curb the phenomenon of sub-prime. The increase of cost makes some enterprises sacrifice product quality. Many powerful upstream manufacturers will ask for spot transactions when downstream manufacturers come to purchase, which in itself is a procurement problem for some of the industry's undermanaged midstream and downstream enterprises, the price hike, but also make the problem worse. Paying no attention to procurement matters is bound to cause more serious consequences.——LED lighting

After the price rises, terminal procurement will be dessert.

As the saying goes: a few happy family worries, everything is just like this, especially in the waves of more sophisticated than the battlefield of the mall, in a sound supply system today, a stone stirred up a thousand waves is inevitable. Shopping malls say complex and complex, simple and simple, nothing more than a buy and sell, LED display industry in the middle of a manufacturer, distributors in the sale of products, in the short term, the real price increase to pay for the end customer. Of course, the price increase itself has both advantages and disadvantages for the LED display industry, reflecting the value of the high-tech industry in the LED display industry, and indirectly providing funds for the scientific research investment of the LED display factory.——LED lighting

And for the vast number of consumers, our end-users and dealer friends are certainly not good news, everyone wants to buy good and cheap goods, which adds to the difficulty of dealer operations. However, the price increase has become a foregone conclusion, dealers and the vast number of end-users in the procurement of attention, in the procurement of display screens can not be a loss, the procurement of professionalism must be strengthened, so as to buy quality display screens. LED screens are hundreds of thousands, millions, it is not a small number, coupled with this round of LED display industry upstream and downstream price increases, LED screens are expensive, expensive, of course, to buy the quality of the LED display. Then, how can we get quality LED display?——LED lighting

First of all, to buy from the needs of their own needs, to meet the demand at the same time, there must be some advance thinking. But can't blindly pursue the best, although expensive in general will be better, but to see whether they can symmetry their own use, but also according to their own economic situation, otherwise it will only waste more money on functions they do not need.——LED lighting

Then, of course, to understand the industry which LED display companies are strong, word-of-mouth, it is best to understand the strength of the various parts of the manufacturer, these may be a little difficult for the end customer, but for dealer friends should know a little more. Big business products may be a little more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, quality of service to keep up with, of course, the six listed companies are the first choice. Upstream manufacturers such as lamp beads, drive ic, power supply, control system should also strengthen understanding, in the purchase of reference. Usually also pay attention to LED display industry dynamics.——LED lighting

Next, we need to understand some industry technology, some technology is not mature, or is to be eliminated technology, and then used as a selling point is not appropriate. Pay attention to the new display effect, the parameters are the easiest to compare indicators, to be able to understand, know what is the focus. After all, goods are better than three, and we need to know what it is.

If it is a special purchasing personnel or purchasers must always accumulate industry knowledge, because to do some of the above-mentioned methods still need to have industry-related knowledge, not a temporary supplement can understand, if they do not understand as a terminal customer, must ask the industry to help with reference.——LED lighting

Of course, even if invited to refer to the industry, they should also have a bit of judgment, first of all, from the appearance test: visual measurement and feel can preliminary see whether there is a problem with the display screen; secondly, the display coating should be no drop phenomenon; and then to check whether the screen color is consistent, or there is a bias color phenomenon, not bright. Screen screen printing content should be clear, complete, uniform color, no hair edge, defect, trailing, pollution phenomenon, all the specific content of screen printing, location, pattern and font size, by the corresponding drawings to describe in detail, the manufacturer strictly according to the design requirements of the drawings screen printing. The final color conforms to the sample. Normal vision has no obvious color difference observed under natural light or fluorescent lamp. The same batch of products have no color difference. The surface of the coating is smooth, smooth and uniform. No defects such as non-sticking, particle, leakage, pitting, flower, wrinkle, mechanical damage and so on can be found on the surface.——LED lighting

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