LED Solid Crystal Silver Adhesive Use Instructions

- Aug 24, 2018-

LED solid crystal silver adhesive use instructions

    As is known to all, since the requirement of solid crystal is extremely high when the single-electrode chip is packaged, the use of silver paste in the solid crystal process is extremely strict, although there is no problem in the production process, but it will die in the user's use. Abnormal conditions such as lights. Therefore, the performance of solid crystal silver glue will directly affect the performance of LED products, can not be ignored.led bulb light

    Since there is no more formal information on the use of solid crystal silver glue, the following is only from the experience of the industry, providing users with reference:

    1. In the process of transporting silver glue, it is necessary to wrap the silver glue with a large amount of dry ice.led flood light

    2, even if the weather is cold, the silver glue that has just been received should be immediately transferred to a freezer in the -40 degree refrigerator.led flame bulb

    3, the use of silver gel thawing in 1-3 hours (according to different silver glue).

    4. Add appropriate amount of silver glue in about 2-3 hours during use. The silver glue on the tin cylinder of the solid crystal machine is recommended to be cleaned every 12 hours.

    5. When the silver glue appears to be drawn, it should be replaced no matter how long it is used.

    6, the silver paste should be solidified within 2 minutes.led tube light

    7. When stopping the solid crystal, ensure that the tin drum rotates all the time. If the tin drum with silver paste stops rotating for more than 30 minutes, it is recommended to clean the drum and replace the silver glue.led ceiling light

    8. The material after solidification should be baked within one hour as much as possible, and the maximum length cannot exceed 2 hours.

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