LED Sound Control Lamp Manufacturer Analyzes The Stairs In The Corridor Sound Control Lamp Head Has Been On, Not On, Out Of Order How To Do?

- Jul 05, 2018-

       Nowadays, most of the residential buildings in the property community are equipped with relatively energy-saving stair sound control lamps.

The purpose of installing sound control lamp is to save electricity, people come to light up, people go to light out, convenient access.

Once the sound control lamp appears, it will break down within a short time. It is on all the time.

How do you figure out the bad reasons?

How to deal with the most cost saving?



Incandescent sound control lamp


We found a lot of residential building corridor of voice control lamp is convenient everyone go home at night to use, but some voice control lamp or poor quality or service time is long, reduced sensitivity, often need to make a big sound, sometimes hard stamp, stair lights bright, moreover directly not bright, live with floor neighbors would habitually sighed, groping in the dark to open the door, and banged shut and seems to want to look for that a face of gloomy corridor lamp to jealousy.

Others, voice control lights turn there is a difference with ordinary light, light, energy saving, no it is for the sake of energy saving and convenient voice control lamp, now turned into a "decoration lamp", brought inconvenience to residents.


So, what happens when the sound control lights go off?

To solve the problem, we should first understand the sound control lamp. At present, there are two kinds of mainstream sound control lamps in the market:


The first one is composed of acoustic head + incandescent bulbs, and this can only use incandescent bulbs (tungsten filament bulbs), voice control lamp holder is a circuit in the lamp holder receives the certain decibels and frequency range of the acoustic signal, converted to electrical signals, after by multistage amplifier, start-up circuit of SCR or relay switching power supply, light bulbs, start at the same time delay circuit, after a set time delay circuit turn off thyristor or relay, bulb goes out, a completed work cycle.

Generally, there will be light control circuit in the sound control lamp holder. The sound control head mainly controls the light bulb (incandescent lamp) through sound and light induction.

The disadvantage of this kind of sound control lamp is that the incandescent bulb is easy to break down. In the residential building, there are always some lights that are not on.


If this kind of sound control lamp is kept on, then there is no doubt that the sound control head is broken. Generally, the sound control head can be replaced.

If the light bulb is not on, then the incandescent bulb is generally broken, or it may be the sound control lamp is broken oh, the specific situation to check!


Voice control head



The second is LED voice-control lights, LED voice control lamp is usually the voice control circuit are integrated into the lamp power supply, E27, B22 interface directly, as long as the plug can be used in the lamp holder, don't need another voice control head.

When the ambient light becomes dark when night falls, the switch will automatically enter the standby state. When there are voices, footsteps and other noises, the switch will be lit up immediately.

Go into standby mode again.

This is a very human design technology, and can save the traditional need to install additional switch costs.

The working current is 27 milliamps when it is on, and the standby is completely closed (the current is almost zero).

Real power savings.

LED sound control lights are also divided into LED sound control bulbs, ceiling suction LED sound control lights, consumers can use different types of lights according to different environmental requirements.


In fact, the above is said some theoretical knowledge about light, as long as for ordinary consumers to know the incandescent light bulb voice-activated lights have been out of date, many consumers acoustic feedback incandescent lamp easy to bad, now with LED voice-control lights.


For the sound control lamp is broken, hongbang lighting provides the following methods for reference:


1. Incandescent lamp voice control lamp, if this kind of bulb is broken, are generally easy to bad, incandescent light bulbs in a can, if you have any question or change the light bulb, so is the acoustic head is broken, acoustic head bad probability is relatively small, if you want to completely solve the problem, then change LED voice-control lights, as long as a voice control lamp holder with LED light, eliminating the acoustic head and incandescent light bulb is broken in trouble.



2. LED voice-control lights if broken, then most likely acoustic + power supply part is broken, unless some wet, using special environment, the LED is not so fragile, consumers in the choose and buy the LED voice-control lights when choose guaranteed manufacturers, LED lights are generally provide 3 years warranty, bad after-sales can contact manufacturer.



It needs to be explained that product quality is the only guarantee for long life. Consumers should not blindly pursue low-price products.

No manufacturer will do lose money business, consumers need to know what the lamp with the material, by what power, what with the light source, thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is in what way is crucial, how expensive how cheap the product is not consumer pursuit, consumers should pay more attention to bring you the value of the product, such as you 4 dollars buy a voice control lamp with 1 year, 6 dollars buy 1 voice control lamp in 3 years, which cost-effective?


As a result of the long-term use of some sound control lights, just like a machine, the use of a lot of inevitable guarantee that the sound control lights will not fail;

Some of the sound - controlled lights are covered by dust and malfunction, some of the wet weather.

For example, on foggy days in spring and rainy days in summer, the sensitivity of the weather drops somewhat, and there is no response to general noises. Therefore, residents who go up and down stairs at night make the sound very loud in order to turn on the sound control lights.

It is best to clean the dust of the sound control lamp or ask the electrician to replace it.


Can ordinary LED bulbs be used on normal sound control switches?


The answer is: no, maybe you think the answer is a little funny.


Common voice control switch for the thyristor control, it has a static electric current, as good quality switch, the static current will be small, the poor quality of the switch, the static current is big, if use energy-saving lamps, the static electricity is not make energy-saving lamps light up, because of energy-saving lamps to start high pressure, and LED lamp is the current drive, also can make the LED the small currents when the switch is not very good, the quality of the static current will be larger, the LED lights up, leading to the LED lamp can't shut off completely destroyed, is careless.

Therefore, the LED sound control lamp with sound control function is recommended.