LED Throw Light Lamp

- Feb 01, 2018-

LED cast light Ledflood Light, also known as LED Spotlight, LED projector lights. LED cast light through the internal microchip control, existing two types of products, a type of power-chip combination, another class using a single high-power chip, the former performance is more stable, a single high-power product structure is large, suitable for a small range of light exposure, the latter can achieve a high power, can carry out a large area of light.

LED light to make the specified face illumination above the ambient lighting, also known as the spotlight. Typically, it can target any direction and have structures that are unaffected by climate conditions. It is mainly used for large area Operation field mine, building contour, stadium, overpass, Monument, park and flower bed, etc. As a result, almost all outdoor use of large-area lighting lamps can be seen as cast light.