LEDinside:8K Era - MicroLED TV Market Outlook And Technological Challenges

- Oct 31, 2018-

LEDinside:8K era - MicroLED TV market outlook and technological challenges

2018-10-29 14:53:12 [editor: Andygui]

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According to the latest report from the LED in Research Center of Jibang Consulting, the market share of 4K TV will reach 51% in 2023, while that of 8K TV will reach 10%, which represents the trend toward high-resolution panel in the future. Potential development. Compared with OLED TV, Micro LED TV will be easier to achieve high resolution, and more high brightness, high stability and other advantages. However, there are still many technical challenges that need to be overcome.

Technical bottleneck of Micro LED TV

Backplane Drive Technology: With the continuous evolution of TV display resolution 2K, 4K, 8K, the chip of Micro LED also decreases, limited by the requirements of high electron mobility and high wiring, in order to meet the requirements of high resolution, the application of backplane will be mainly LTPS and IGZO.

Mass transfer technology: mainly classified as pickup and placement technology, fluid assembly technology, laser transfer printing technology, roller transfer printing technology, the development of transfer technology will be different for different transfer companies, the main reason is that the transfer technology suitable for different applications of products will be different.

Full color technology: full color technology is currently divided into light and color conversion and RGB chip technology. At present, these two methods have developed, but RGB chips are widely used.

Mosaic image technology: Because of the difference of color and brightness between different regions and modules, the difference of display is caused. So image correction technology is needed to improve the display effect.

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