LEDinside: Top Ten LED Supply And Demand Market Trends And Analysis In 2018.

- Apr 17, 2018-

    Set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) "in 2017-2021 LED industry demand and supply database", according to a 2017 LED industry benefit from the LED market stabilizing prices, coupled with automotive lighting and outdoor rapid growth in the field of architecture landscape lighting, LEDinside forecast in 2017 LED output reached $17.16 billion (+ 7.4% YoY). (LED Ceiling light)

    2018 top ten LED to parse and market trends of supply and demand as follows, including demand market of IT according to market trends, general lighting market trends, architecture and landscape lighting, automotive lighting market trends, display market trends, infrared and ultraviolet (uv) market;And LED supply market analysis. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 1: mobile phone market - Mini LED backlight products have the opportunity to import mobile phone backlight application in 2018. (LED Ceiling light)

    The current supply of AMOLED panels is tight, and other than samsung and Apple, other android phone brands may struggle to get OLED panels.Therefore other mobile phone brands in order to make the product differentiation, will turn to the Mini LED soft substrate combination collocation, in order to achieve high surface in the form of a backlight, in 2018 is expected to see the Mini LED backlight application related to mobile phone products. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 2: TV market - WCG & quantum dot is the technical direction of differentiation of TV brand manufacturers. (LED Ceiling light)

    The solution of the broad color domain is to meet the demand of the TV brand manufacturers with HDR and the wide range (WCG), and the HDR market is gradually moving towards WCG, and the WCG proportion will be raised in 2018.NTSC HDR some basic needs about 85% and the follow-up is even higher, 85% will also drive the NTSC solution using B LED + R (KSF) G (the Phosphor) + R (Nitride) G, B LED LED + R (the Phosphor), BG will gradually increase in the amount of (KSF).The NTSC ≧ 100% solution, In addition to current QDEF, Korean factory developed QD In the Open Cell, due to the QD material backlit only blue LED chip, will no longer need to use the traditional phosphor powder, so the future of phosphor powder dosage will with QD In the Open Cell quantity increase. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 3: general lighting market - the number of potential replacement lamps still takes 10 years to reach saturation. (LED Ceiling light)

    The potential of alternative global lighting installation capacity of about 600 ~ 70 billion, the past five years of 2012-2016 the LED lighting industry growth, LED lighting industry has replaced the 11.872 billion global LED lighting products.Similar to the plan for a global lighting challenges the lighting the response of the enterprise, is expected in 2020 before the year will be 60 ~ 7 billion LED lamps will be put into use, to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 4: construction and landscape lighting market - night - tour economy driving construction and landscape lighting market. (LED Ceiling light)

    And from the demand side, cities in the promotion of urban taste, to create tourist attractions.In China, in particular, cities are spending huge amounts of money to create an overnight economy.With dynamic screen control technology combined with LED curtain wall in the river bank, coast, lake shore and city square, we will shape the humanistic urban experience in the form of music show.With China's 300 prefecture-level cities and 2,800 county cities, such as only 5% of the city's cities that promote urban lighting projects each year, there will be a multi-billion dollar landscape lighting market demand. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 5: vehicle market - China has grown into the biggest business opportunity in the global auto market. (LED Ceiling light)

    China is now the world's biggest car market, forecasts the total passenger car 25.5 million 2018 (7.14% YOY), the main reason is the second - and third-tier cities develop the new economy, traffic construction to promote vehicles sharp growth, the traditional two or three rounds of transformation to four-wheel vehicle level, keep vehicles in advanced countries gradually from 100, (500 ~ 800) and the implementation of the Chinese government policy, driving the development of local brands. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 6: automotive market - car panel LED usage is gradually entering into a long term. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend of automobile panel has been realized in the Dashboard (Dashboard), control panel (CID) and Entertainment with boards (Entertainment display) applications, the Dashboard by splicing type (3.5-10 inches) to merge display (10.3 12.5 inches), control panel (CID) based control by part of a display (6 to 9 inches) development to the whole vehicle display control 17 inches (10.1 -), Entertainment with plate by the hallow type display (7-9 inches) to the the hallow type display (10.3 11.4 inches), development trend in addition to increasing the panel size, wide perspective with the basic requirements of high brightness, also began to irregular shape and the style of the curved surface development, forecast automotive panel LED production fast growth since 2016, $067 million to $2021 in 2021, the compound annual growth rate of 21%. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 7: display market - Mini LED mounted on display stage, challenging the retina technology. (LED Ceiling light)

    Despite the popularity of Micro leds, the technical challenges brought by the massive transfer are still difficult to overcome in the short term, and the time required for industrialization may be prolonged.For screen industry, macro display technology is a threat to the existing market, but also brings new opportunities, if timely layout can with master display technology and years of accumulation of brand channels.So in between small spacing with Micro LED Mini LED technology for screen business, by COB modular encapsulation, let the screen has a smaller spacing (below P0.7) possible. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 8: infrared LED market - 2016-2021 IR LED output annual compound growth rate of 15%. (LED Ceiling light)

    As some Chinese manufacturers cut into the chip market of infrared LED, the prices of some of the more mainstream IR LED prices fell rapidly.However, with the emergence of various emerging applications, such as security industry monitoring, virtual reality devices and applications such as faces and iris recognition, etc.The output value of the infrared LED is continuously growing.LEDinside estimated the estimated size of the infrared LED market in 2017 (excluding the optical sensor market) of about $441 million.It is expected to grow to $699 million by 2021. (LED Ceiling light) 

    Trend 9: uv-c LED price drives market size. (LED Ceiling light)

    Wavelength UV -c LED with the manufacturer's product price, quality, product life with different orders, price range is quite large, with 2017 new materials and chip performance, UV -c LED the flip chip and vertical chip, chip can be driven by high current intensity.In addition, different from uv-a LED products mainly for curing light market, UV -c LED lighting product is locked in the consumption market, UV -c LED manufacturers such as LG Innotek, Seoul Viosys, Bioraytron actively promote UV -c leds, with lower price to open the market scale, as well as UV blocking new vendor development - C LED products. (LED Ceiling light)

    Trend 10: LED chip market restart expansion plan. (LED Ceiling light)

    The LED chip industry in 2017 is expecting a new wave of expansion.Because at this stage of the LED chip prices are low, with China's LED chip makers have a cost advantage, so orders are concentrated to LED manufacturers in China, and in the case of full capacity, China's LED chip manufacturers began to resume expansion plans.LEDinside predicts that the number of new devices will reach 401 (K465i equivalent) in 2017, the peak of expansion in recent years. (LED Ceiling light)