LG Innotek Enters The Gardening LED Market, Pushing 30 LED Packages.

- Jul 09, 2018-

Recently, South Korea's LG Innotek said it had entered the horticultural LED market, and launched the "horticulture LED" full range. LG Innotek said that for gardening LED series, according to optical wavelength and power optimization, the introduction of 30 kinds of LED packages. In addition to visible LED, the company also launched horticultural UV LED.——LED lighting

LG Innotek expects to accelerate market penetration through its wide range of product lineup and unique technology, and is now increasing its lighting and modular Corporation sales to Europe, North America and Asia.

Various wavelengths produce "physiological responses", such as flowering and photosynthesis.

LG Innotek develops horticultural LED according to the wavelength of light.——LED lighting

It indicates that the UV-A LED of its 380nm wavelength can enhance the phytochemicals of anthocyanins and lutein. In addition, the 405nm wavelength LED can give purple light, which can make the leaves thicker and make the color more clear. The 660nm wavelength LED emitting dark red light and the 450nm wavelength LED emitting blue light can accelerate growth and shorten the growth cycle by promoting optical cooperation.——LED lighting

The company points out that its horticultural LED is very useful for environmental organic agriculture. 530nm LED lamp can inhibit mold development; 615nm wavelength LED can drive out nuisance pests.

The company will optimize lighting location, crop type and function required by LED.——LED lighting

The company optimizes LED for lighting location, crop type and required functions. The company's 30 horticultural LED lighting products with different wavelengths, output and radiation angles make this optimization possible.

LG Innotek plans to launch another 730nm near-infrared LED this year. The company said that the product can increase the content of specific components, such as sugar in crops, and can be used to cultivate functional crops.——LED lighting

June O Song, vice president of LED Business Department of LG Innotek, said, "LED as the most effective light source for crop cultivation is attracting people's attention." He added, "through various product line-up, we will provide the best horticultural LED to meet customer needs."——LED lighting

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