Li Weihua: Ming Hao Science And Technology Not Greedy

- Jul 29, 2018-

At 9:50 in the morning, 10 minutes from the agreed time, we came to the 10 storey high field industrial and trade building in Baoan District, Shenzhen. The office of Shenzhen Minghao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ming Hao technology") was set up here, with his general manager Li Weihua's interview place in the huge office.

On the wall of the office, his teacher inscribed a word: "Zeng Zi said:" I am in the three provinces and I am unfaithful to people, and do not believe it with friends? " Another is "the desire to view the road, must first swim in the beginning of things", this is not only the requirements of the enterprise culture construction of Ming Hao science and technology, but also the true portrayal of Li Weihua's self - cultivation.

First saw Li Weihua, wearing a decent shirt pants, wearing thin frameless glasses, stature plus the professional background of science and engineering, giving people a reliable sense of security, perhaps this is a "man of science" characteristics - down to earth and strong will.

From Zhengzhou to Shenzhen, from the railway field to the lighting industry, although the occupation and identity have changed, but the technical origin of Li Wei Hua has always maintained the tireless efforts to study the technology and improve the quality of customer service. Now, Li Weihua, who has lived in Shenzhen for more than 10 years, is very grateful to Shenzhen. In his words, Shenzhen is inclusive and equal to everyone. It will not treat people who dream hard and give everyone a chance.

With the wisp of tea in the office, Li Weihua is not slow, and a magnetic and steady voice will tell the positioning of Ming Hao technology, the core competitiveness, the future development strategy and so on.

Focus on LED lighting

Low key and steady, this is the first impression that Ming Hao technology has left to the outside world. I understand that Ming ho technology was founded in 2012, focusing on outdoor LED application products, mainly produces landscape lighting and creative display products. The landscape lighting products include 5 series of light source, line lamp, buried lamp, lighting lamp and wall lamp. It has the characteristics of unique light matching, fine light adjustment, novel structure and green environmental protection. It is mainly used in the night scene decoration lighting of urban landscape, commercial real estate and tourist attractions. Its creative display products include 6 series of media color screen, grid screen, wire screen, lattice screen, bead screen and 3D crystal tube. It has the characteristics of novel and light structure, unique and reliable control, perfect display quality, green energy saving and environmental protection. It is mainly used in large-scale advertising media, city cultural window landscape, commercial land. The production image propaganda, the tourist area real scene performance decoration.

As a national hi-tech enterprise specializing in outdoor LED applications, the strength of R & D technology is an important cornerstone for Ming Hao technology to maintain its competitiveness and vitality for many years. Among them, more than 30 engineers and technicians have independent research and development team, advanced production equipment and inspection and testing instruments, strict quality standards and efficient management mechanism.

"The company adheres to the business philosophy of" market oriented, technology as the means, energy saving as the responsibility and service for development ", and provides stable quality products and services for the customers in line with the enterprise tenet of" first-class technology, first-class products and first-class service ". Turning to the positioning of enterprises, Li Weihua stressed that in the future, Ming Hao technology is still positioning technology, innovation, services to create a unique competitive advantage.

Control technology is the core competitiveness

According to the brand positioning, Ming Hao technology pays attention to technological innovation and achievement transformation. In strengthening the construction of internal team, it has established deep cooperation with many universities and scientific research units in China, and continuously introduces innovative products. At the same time, it also cooperates with domestic and foreign design institutions and engineering companies to build fine quality projects, and has personalized product research. The unique advantages of the technology service.

"Our most core competitiveness is control technology, a luminaire, its expression in addition to the usual light need not control, to get a good display must be achieved through the control system. We are based on the innovation ability of control technology, that is, according to customer needs, market future needs, can be done faster than others; the problem that others can not solve, we can turn it into reality, this is our landing ability. The engineer's thinking is logical and contractile. It is based on security considerations, and the designer's ideas and ideas are divergent and need to be implemented by engineers, and they need a good combination. In the future, we will strengthen our cooperation with engineering companies and design companies in the hope of creating new sparks and making better works in the process of communication. As Li Weihua said.

It is worth mentioning that, at the first Shenzhen Art Biennale in 2018, Yan Yonghong, the top designer in the field of lighting, worked with the contemporary artist Zhong Biao to launch an interactive device for combining lighting technology and image - the "insight" was very sensational. The work was joined by the motto team and the Golden lighting technology team. And implementation is the representative work of the fusion of art and lighting.

Interactive image device "insight"

Layout Intelligent City

In terms of enterprise strength, Ming Hao technology has been continuously focusing on the research and development of LED control system, and has always been in the leading position. At present, the city media wall and the large scale of the building media are playing a hot role, mainly due to the progress and development of the control system technology, and the smart city is a direction for the future development of Ming Hao technology.

Li Weihua said, "the smart city is a big concept, light is just a small part of it, for this piece of lighting, our system is reserved for such a interface, there are also modules of the Internet of things, including the cloud service can be butted at any time. However, because our main business is still in the lighting industry, so far, there are not many smart cities involved, but whenever we have the opportunity, we can always cut in. In addition, we have some relatively in-depth subjects in Beijing, but when we plan to implement them, we need to look at the agenda of Party A and the government.

In an exclusive interview, Li Weihua has repeatedly stressed that talent upgrading is the biggest challenge facing enterprises. In his view, the competitiveness, vitality and creativity of all enterprises are based on talented people. All future competition is in the final analysis of talent competition. "The needs of future enterprise development and the promotion of management are all in need of talents. In the reserve of talents, we adopt two ways of training and external employment to provide intellectual capital support for the sustainable development of the company."

Positioning and brand

In Li Weihua's view, the advantage of Ming Hao technology is technology, which is to do well in products and services. "We are very practical business, do not pursue a very large, a small and strong, quick reaction to the company can, the focus is that people can not do things we can do."

"It's not that we don't want to be big, but we need to settle at this stage, the application of technology and management, and control the pace of development," Li Weihua said further.

Li Weihua responded by saying, "participating in the exhibition and industry promotion is a supplementary means, and more importantly, we are going to work with some of the best engineering companies in the industry, which is better for our brand promotion." Obviously, because we can make better, more unique and innovative works. In fact, the brand will eventually speak in terms of works and products, and no good works will be promoted again. "

Li Weihua stressed, "how beautiful the future is, with whom to go with!" this is the slogan of our corporate culture, I think it is important to be with whom, with a very good company in China, a good exchange of ideas, management knowledge will continue to improve, and will promote us to better develop. "

To sum up the first half of this year's "report card", Li Weihua appears to be full of momentum. "The overall situation is better, the first half of this year is 30% higher than the same year. We can expand on the basis of intentional control of development speed, personnel quality and management level, and give up for the projects that have no good service." We must do well and believe that the growth of 30% in 2018 is nothing suspense.

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