Lighting Art Installation: Lighting Installation Is The Result Of Lighting (Part I)

- Apr 17, 2019-

As a new art category under the influence of post-modernism aesthetic trend, lighting installation art was born in the early 20th century, only 100 years ago. With the continuous development of technology and the perfect combination of technology and lighting, more and more creative lighting devices have been born. Whether they are light sculptures in commercial places, light sketches in various forms at lighting festivals, or large-scale lighting shows based on buildings and natural mountains and waters, there are endless lighting art devices, which have developed into independent art. Schools.

In recent years, the development of lighting art installations has been very rapid, the public's attention to them is high, and the social influence is wide. For example, the performance of the terracotta warriors and horses with changed faces in Xi'an and the night of Shangyuan in the Forbidden City has been highly praised and controversial. Among them, the terracotta warriors and horses with changed faces in net red were ordered to be demolished after only two days'appearance. Thus, in the modern society with rapid development, urban development, lighting art installation innovation and public aesthetic level are synchronized development. In the future, lighting art installation will have a broader development space.

In view of this, we invited many big cafes in the lighting and sculpture fields, such as relevant research institutes, design units, University Associations and so on, to have an empty dialogue, to reorganize the development process of lighting art installations, and to make a thorough discussion on the current situation and development trend of domestic lighting installations, hoping to inspire readers to think more about the future of lighting art installations. 。

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Lighting Art Installation is the result of Lighting+

At the beginning of the Old Testament, the Bible says, "God says, let there be light. So there's light." Goethe once said, "The brighter the light source, the deeper the shadow." Likewise, light plays a very important role in the history of art. James Terrell, a famous contemporary artist, said, "I regard light as a kind of material, but perception is my medium."

In a sense, we can say that light constitutes today's world, making all that human beings and human eyes see meaningful. Lighting, as a public art medium, is an important element of lighting, which is the product of the industrial revolution. Its development is closely related to the development of science and technology. The innovation of lighting itself, or the emergence of new technologies and means that can be used in the creation of lighting art devices, can make the appearance of lighting art devices refreshing and give viewers pleasant visual enjoyment. And art experience.

Simply speaking, lighting art installation belongs to the category of public space art, covering a variety of forms. It refers to the designer's use of various lights, colorful lighting effects and special materials to absorb and reflect the changes of various lights in a specific area of the exhibition environment within a specific space scope, to create a more innovative and innovative medium with specific display theme elements. The unique lighting device design has certain artistic, ideological and landscape characteristics in both day and night. However, the definition of "lighting art installation" has not yet formed a unified standard.

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Lighting installation works are of sculpture art and lighting art, which can be displayed in the interactive form of combining science and technology with art, or in the traditional form of technology.

—— Kang Lijuan, Associate Professor, School of Fine Arts, South China Normal University

Nominator of Aladdin Lamp Award

Lighting art installation is a cross-border cooperation of lighting, science and technology, art and other industries. Lighting is an important element, without light, all beauty does not exist!

—— Huang Mincong, General Manager of Guangzhou Mingshi Lighting Engineering Design Co., Ltd.

Nominator of Aladdin Lamp Award

Cross-border cooperation of lighting art installations can make the works more complete. Lighting is undoubtedly its main element, but whether it is a lighting device or an artistic device expressed in the form of light? There is no standard answer to this question. In my opinion, the latter has more vitality.

—— Wang Tian, Co-founder of Beijing Qingmei Daohe Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

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Lighting devices can be defined as the shaping of light effect outdoors or the presentation of colorful light effect art, such as the decoration of architectural landscape, the light culture of visual pictures generated through the background of architectural groups, and the presentation of light effect of sculpture works of art, etc. Lighting devices are more about lighting, lighting, vision, art, technology, intelligence and other effects. One is to illuminate the architectural landscape mainly, or to show artists and designers to create art sculpture works, which are manifested in the way that lighting and scenes, objects coincide with each other; the second is to present the creative environment, theme, content as the theme, creative objectives, stories as the art, through inspiration and artistic performance effect is the main way to create lighting devices. Lighting, light perception and mode are only auxiliary functions. Therefore, lighting devices need the participation of cross-border artists in many ways, in order to better show the charm of lighting works of art and arouse the resonance of public appreciation.

—— Ye Yongjin, Design Director of Master Ye Yongjin Lighting Studio

Nominator of Aladdin Lamp Award

Lighting Art Installation is a very marginal subject, which is the result of Lighting+ Lighting is a key but not the only key link in it. The organic integration of lighting and artistic space modeling involves not only a variety of materials, technologies and arts of lighting itself. Therefore, for the designers of lighting devices, the accumulation of knowledge in all aspects is particularly important.

—— Diao Xu, Art Director/Senior Lighting Sculpture Designer of Beijing Bicheng Chuangjing Landscape Art Co., Ltd.

Overview of the Current Situation of Lighting Art Installations in China

Lighting art installations have sprung up rapidly in western countries and are accepted and loved by the public. In China, they sprang up in the 1980s. However, in Huang Mincong's eyes, as early as 900 years ago, lighting art installations already existed. "Lantern Festival is the International Lighting Festival in ancient China. Ancient people used torches to exorcise evil spirits during festivals. After the application of bronze, various beautiful artistic lamps and lanterns appeared. Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty created emperors, empresses and imperial concubines, civil and military officials to go to the streets to watch lights in order to avoid disasters, which became a festival lantern. In the Sui Dynasty, the Lighting Festival was very flourishing. The Sui Shu Music Records of Tang Wei-yu mentioned that every first month, when all countries came to Korea, they stayed outside Duanmen on the 15th day in the gate of founding a nation. In the eight miles, the theatre was a theatre, and tens of thousands of people participated in singing and dancing, ranging from dawn to obscurity." Huang Mincong said so.

Xie Hui, deputy general manager of the design management center of Mingtai Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., also said: "Lighting art installations existed in ancient times. Modern times began in 1987. Zigong Lighting Club was the first batch of designed and organized lighting installations after the reform and opening-up. By 1999 or so, a batch of works imitating the Lighting Festival of Lyon, France, with a hundred-year history, such as fireworks trees and utilities, appeared in China. After 2000, the state put forward the development slogan of "green city in the daytime and light up at night". Various kinds of light sketches have become the main landscape of urban construction. In recent years, China has also begun to have lighting festivals, such as Guangzhou International Lighting Festival and other large-scale activities. These lighting festivals may have a good reputation, but they have not yet formed a brand effect similar to the European Lighting Festival.

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The Root of the Gap in Design Level between China and Foreign Countries

Since the late 20th century, China has been carrying out large-scale urban lighting at an unprecedented speed. In the 21st century, the light source has transited to the era of LED. With the change of technology, people are increasingly demanding the artistic effect of lighting, and the lighting artistic installation has made great progress in the rapid development of urbanization. However, Diao Xu believes that the differences in social structure and industry development make our lighting art installations quite different from those abroad. "From artistic, social and professional thinking and practice to specific production, installation, operation and many other aspects, it is worth learning from foreign countries, some of which we can learn from, and more importantly, after learning and digesting foreign good experience, the adjustment and practice made in the face of the characteristics of our own industries and markets can gradually evolve into development that is in line with our own characteristics. Direction and development model."

Shen Wan, Director of the Lighting Environment Institute of Zhejiang Urban Construction Planning and Design Institute Limited, added: "Overseas lighting art installation design has a whole plan plan. There are more artists involved in it, and the production time is longer, and the expression methods are more diversified. The key lies in the design participation of many artists."

Wang Tian has different opinions on this. He thinks that artistic creation is not easy to compare. Many countries have excellent designers, including China, who have brought many good works. But each lighting art installation has different venues, different originality, different setting purposes, and different audiences, so it is impossible to make horizontal comparison. He stressed that "in the design of lighting art installations, the most important point is originality, a large number of plagiarized works will seriously disrupt the order of the industry, it is worth pondering."

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Lighting Art Installation in China is in its infancy

Jie Hui believes that the development of domestic lighting art installations lags behind that of landscape lighting and night lighting, which belongs to the initial stage. Wang Tian also agreed with this view: "In recent years, the lighting industry has made a lot of attempts in the design and production of lighting sketches or lighting artistic devices, but most of them are more technology-oriented and less artistic components. Nowadays, the construction speed of urban landscape environment is astonishing. The requirement of matching public art installation with environment is unprecedented. The works of art installation industry through lighting are still in the initial stage, and the market space is huge.

Shen also expressed his agreement with the above views: "At this stage, domestic lighting art installations are still in the preliminary stage, mainly in the form of Lantern festivals, using lantern-style combination of various shapes, but with the development of LED technology and image technology, many excellent Designers'lighting works are very innovative."

For the development of lighting art installations, Diao Xu frankly said: "All along, lighting installations in China, if there must be some words, may be more Festival way. In recent years, with the continuous efforts of domestic lighting people and the continuous expansion of the lighting market, customer demand has made considerable development. Under the market demand, lighting devices are presented in various projects in a variety of forms. At the same time, after more than 20 years of development, the lighting industry finally began to put forward the idea and slogan of combining art and technology, art and lighting. I think this slogan is conducive to the continuous development of lighting art installations in the future.

Establishment of Lighting Device Design Department in Lighting Industry

According to industry sources, at present, many well-known lighting design companies are preparing to develop and set up lighting device design department to expand the commercial sector in this area.

In this regard, Wang Tian believes that this is a good phenomenon, "indicating that the lighting industry has increased the importance of artistic creation, design into productivity! The importance of lighting devices in urban public landscape space is self-evident, reflecting the degree of landscape civilization in a city or region, the market demand for high-quality lighting artistic devices is huge, and commercial returns are also high."

In response to this move, Shen also agreed: "At present, with the rapid development of the night economy, lighting design company to establish lighting device design department strategy direction is accurate, only the high degree of participation of enterprise manufacturers, works can be enriched, thus promoting the vigorous development of the market."

Diao Xu shared his views from both positive and negative aspects. Firstly, the good aspect is that lighting art installation pays attention to the artistry and rationality of the works. This requires designers who have a certain artistic background and have a deep understanding of the industry and related industries to do. Good designers, especially public art designers, have the duty and responsibility to guide the public's aesthetic perception and orientation. Specialized personnel gathered in such a design category, has a great positive role in promoting the development of this design category; secondly, the bad aspect is that a large number of people enter, which may make the design category appear "trial and error" in a certain period of time. Different perceptions of art will lead to uneven good and bad works. In this case, the more well-known, high-ranking companies or individuals, the more cautious it is, try to avoid the public aesthetic awareness of lighting art installations to guide the situation away.