Lighting Design Of Zhiyin Lake Courtyard (Part I)

- Apr 30, 2019-

Lighting Design of Zhiyin Lake Courtyard

Type: courtyard villas, overlapping

Ground floor area: 69850.87

Sales office building area: 1083.94

Lighting Designer: Luye

[Scheme Design Effect Diagram]

[live shooting]

Design instructions:

Taihe Zhiyin Lake Courtyard is located in the central area of Caidian District, Wuhan City. It is about 20 kilometers away from the city center and 5 kilometers away from the Fourth Ring Road. The project is based on mountains and rivers. It only relies on Zhiyin Lake Avenue. The surrounding water network is dense and the natural landscape is beautiful.

The first phase of lighting project is mainly about marketing center and courtyard closure. The overall night concept is based on the new Chinese style of Taihe courtyard, and the concept of "quiet entry, prosperous exit" is adopted. Strive to use light to create a peaceful, comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in the park. Architecture enriches architectural language with concise light, highlights structural features, and expresses the charm of landscape in natural human settlements with low-level light.

[Scheme Effect Diagram]

The Park combines the spatial structure layout of the three carriers of water, green and building to create a natural living atmosphere between mountains and rivers through the creation of guiding scenery, main scenery and matching scenery. Through the visual range of different viewpoints, different forms of lighting treatment are carried out on buildings and landscapes to fully realize the performance techniques of landscape matching and borrowing.

[sketch of scheme design]