Lighting Design Of Zhiyin Lake Courtyard (Part 3)

- Apr 30, 2019-

II. Overlapping Parts

Overlapping is to control the light pollution on buildings and the visual impact on the city. Lighting focuses on Skyline sketch of the top structure of the building. By moulding the eaves on the roof balcony roof, the building atmosphere is enhanced, and the partition of the building is strengthened by light at the same time.

[Draft Plan Conception]

[Scheme Effect Diagram]

III. The Courtyard Section

The courtyard part follows the principle of people-oriented, and maintains the original atmosphere and atmosphere of the courtyard. At night, building interior natural light transmission to create the natural life scene of tens of thousands of lights in the space, on this basis, strengthen the architectural characteristics and charm, through low-power LED wall lamp to sketch the roof light, make the architectural characteristics under the night more clear.

[sketch of scheme design]

[Scheme Effect Diagram]

Eaves Lighting Installation Node

By reserving lamp trough for curtain wall, the lamp is embedded to avoid the visual impact of daytime lamp on the building facade, and at the same time, the glare of human visual points is greatly reduced.