Lighting Is Another Acquisition, A Combination Of Technology And Industry Knowledge

- Feb 21, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Milwaukee based Phoenix Lighting has acquired Georgia based Bright Light Systems, which will further enrich the company's Lighting control and monitoring products and help customers improve efficiency and performance.

Phoenix Lighting is an industrial Lighting manufacturer used in a variety of harsh environments.

Last year, management and boston-based private equity firm JMC Capital Partners bought the company from the fourth generation of family ownership.

None of the parties is understood to have disclosed the terms of the deal.

Ryan Hertel, general manager of port and maritime transport at Phoenix, said the deal was in line with a wide range of industry needs in the current market for adding performance data and intelligent equipment critical to support operations.

Brad Lurie, former CEO of Bright Light Systems, will manage Phoneix's new control unit.

He believes the acquisition is a perfect move, based on a combination of technology and industrial knowledge.

Meanwhile, JMC Capital's operating partner Dave Logan said the possibilities presented by the deal are exciting.

With new technology and new products, Phoenix gives full play to its advantages in solid industrial design.

Melissa Stephany, a sales manager at Phoenix, said the deal would shift production from contract manufacturers in Atlanta to Milwaukee and spur job growth.