Liu Houcheng: The Progress Of Plant Lighting Needs Mutual Supplement Of Agriculture And Lighting.

- Jun 07, 2018-

The Aladdin forum, which was held in the same period with the 2018 lighting exhibition, will strike a heavy pound on the 6.9 day. In order to better meet the development of the Aladdin forum, Aladdin reporter invited Liu Houcheng to the South China Agricultural University College of horticulture. He is the general adviser to the "white paper of the 2018 Aladdin lighting industry research", and works with the industry representative to carry out plants. Research in the field of lighting. Liu Houcheng will deliver a speech on the white paper on the 2018 Aladdin lighting industry at the Forum on plant lighting and agricultural development of the Aladdin forum. In order to know more about the latest developments in plant lighting on the day of the forum, Mr. Liu Houcheng accepted our interview.——LED Growth lamp

Mr. Liu Houcheng introduced plant plants to reporters

Aladdin: how do you think of the development of the botanical factory?

Liu Houcheng: as the highest form of facility agriculture, the botanical factory has many advantages, especially in terms of product quality and safety. So it can provide the safest and best quality vegetables, which is the main reason why we are concerned about this. In fact, a lot of attention has been paid to the development of plant plants. The international development market is very good, including the United States, Canada, the UK and Holland. In Asia, there are Japan and South Korea, Taiwan. Mainland China is also developing a lot, and more and more capital is also involved in the industry. And according to some institutions, the plant plant has a lot of growth, so it is a very good industry. If the cost of LED can be reduced, the development of plant plant will also have a better development space.——LED Growth lamp

Plant plant of South China Agricultural University

Aladdin: what do you think is the main problem that the botanical factory should solve now?

Liu Houcheng: the main obstacle to plant plant profit is the operating cost and construction cost. The cost of the light is a big part of the construction cost. The amount of LED lamp in plant plant is very large. Because of the continuous development of LED, the cost is also decreasing, and the cost of plant plant will also decline with the decrease of the cost of LED lamp. Nearly 60% of the operating cost is electricity. Recently, high light efficiency chips are constantly introduced in the chip of plant lighting. High light efficiency chips will mean that more vegetables can be produced. So high light efficiency chips are introduced and electricity costs fall, which reduces the overall transportation cost of plant plants. Or hope to win the country's support for electricity, if the price of commercial fees will be more expensive, the government supports it with a political point of view, with the support of household electricity, the price will decline a lot.——LED Growth lamp

One aspect is technological progress, and the other is that we are doing scientific research to raise light into biomass, production technology, and to some extent, we can reduce production costs by using less energy to produce more food. On the other hand, it is relative cost. If we produce some high value-added products, for example, some functional food, the production market is not that of ordinary vegetables, and its high price also represents a larger profit margin, so one is to reduce the cost, and the other is to increase the added value. As long as we manage well and find the right market, the possibility of profit is still great.——LED Growth lamp

From the profit is a business behavior, not only a technical problem, from the technical point of view we have been constantly improved, the profitability of the words still depends on the market behavior, the market can launch products, the market can sell products to a price, and decide how much profit. In fact, there are still a large number of people in China's ability to bear the price of vegetable, we need to do some work in the industry to make more consumers realize that vegetable plants are worth the price, many people are not unable to afford the money, but do not believe that this vegetable is not worth the price. So this part is that we need to guide and let more people know about the plant factory.——LED Growth lamp

Aladdin: at present, there are many factories in the market. What do you think are the better ones? What are their respective characteristics?

Liu Houcheng: China's real business operation is Shenzhen's joy, and in China is also a relatively large plant plant, his products have been sold at the high-end supermarket. But in the big market, although his overall profit is not particularly ideal, he is recognized at least in the market, and the other is Fujitsu, who has built a 5000 square food factory. There is also a central section of San an, the largest in the country has reached 10000 square, and he is also aiming at some high-end supermarkets and markets at home, although the profit situation is not ideal, which is to overcome in the development of the situation.——LED Growth lamp

Zhongke San an plant plant

So I think, the market in the early stage is a need to pass through a cultivation process, may have some difficulty, but with the development of technology, the market is gradually mature, the market profit will have more obvious improvement. There are some other companies that want to reduce costs, such as some industrial enterprises, which do better than agricultural enterprises, such as a plant factory in Zhejiang, a plant called star Lai, which do well in control of operating costs, because the product sales time is not too long, so the specific business situation is also Not particularly well understood. This is the relatively large botanical worker currently in China. Although the profit is not good, everyone is very optimistic about the future development trend.——LED Growth lamp

Aladdin: what's the impact of lighting on the development of botanical plants? What are the future trends?

Liu Houcheng: lighting technology under the condition of plant factories, all light sources and LED, so the development of plant factories is closely related to LED. Early plant factories use fluorescent lamps, which have leaps a big step in light efficiency and energy consumption instead of using LED. Now, as some research advances, we screen some specific spectra to find appropriate light intensity and light time, then the plant's efficiency will increase.——LED Growth lamp

In this process, we have higher requirements for plant lighting products, especially if some products with high added value are needed, the demand for light and the demand for spectral intensity are also different. In addition, the emergence of some new products may also raise new requirements for lighting products. Such demand will urge plant lighting manufacturers to develop new products, and new products will also lead to the development of plant factories. The two are complementary to each other. Plant factories play a leading role in plant lighting.——LED Growth lamp

Aladdin reporter: what are the problems faced by plant lighting sources?

Liu Houcheng: the development of plant lighting is closely related to the development of LED light source. The biggest difference from ordinary lighting is that the object is plant, so it is non visual lighting, which is different from the traditional lighting system. In particular, there are so many species of plants that are applied to different plants, and the complexity of light is more complex than the complexity of commercial lighting. For different plants, for the development stage of different plants, the cultivation targets of plants, such as high yield or higher quality, or function, are more important. The demand for light is not the same, so the light of plant lighting is more complex, so the demand for light source will be higher, and the type of light source is more specific than commercial lighting.——LED Growth lamp

Plant lighting

Aladdin: what do you think is the real breakthrough point of agricultural lighting and agricultural lighting?

Liu Houcheng: the biggest problem of agricultural lighting is the complexity of the object, so the difficulty of agricultural lighting and other lighting lies in his complexity, and it is combined with the production of other crops, including cultivation, including temperature, water management, and so on, and so on, so the agricultural lighting needs more. The use of guidance is not to light and light, but how to use the lamp well. That is the key. It is also difficult to promote the promotion of agricultural lighting for guiding opinions of different plants. Plant lighting is a cross boundary cooperation. It is the combination of lighting enterprises and agriculture. It is a combination of Agronomy and lighting. In order to promote the development of the industry, we can cooperate efficiently.——LED Growth lamp

Aladdin reporter: as the general consultant of the "2018 Aladdin plant lighting industry research white paper", how do you evaluate the results of this survey? What aspects can be improved?

Liu Houcheng: the white paper aims at starting from light sources, from chips to packages, lamps and lanterns, and then to applications. We have selected a number of representative research, the research group also selected representative figures in the field of plant lighting to carry out research. They have a deeper understanding and understanding in the field of plant lighting. At the same time, combined with the research of other enterprises, we expect to find the current Chinese plant lighting. A preliminary understanding of the status quo of the exhibition has been made, and some deficiencies have also been found. It is hoped that the white paper will provide some useful information for the development of China's plant lighting industry. This is also the main objective of our white paper.——LED Growth lamp

Aladdin reporter: it is reported that you will be in the "2018 Aladdin forum site" on behalf of the field of plant lighting consultants for "2018 Aladdin plant lighting industry research white paper" report, what highlights will the report have?

Liu Houcheng: the white paper can show the status of the various links of plant lighting, although the data are not very complete, but we do a lot of work in a relatively short time. First of all, we first sort out the current status of plant lighting related links, and especially for the LED companies that are involved in plant lighting to better understand the field of plant lighting, and we also bring about what we want to present, especially in the light of lighting, for plant lighting. For more information, because plant lighting is developed on the basis of lighting, there are some new technologies in the lighting industry that may provide a new reference for plant lighting.——LED Growth lamp

White paper is the result of a group cooperation. Everyone understands plant lighting from different sides, because people have a deep understanding of plant lighting, so the response to light, the demand of light, the application of light sources and lamps and lanterns can be presented to everyone. I hope you will learn more about plant lighting and promote better development of plant lighting.——LED Growth lamp