Londa, Guangbaoke Reported January Revenue, Down A Liter

- Feb 15, 2019-

Recently, Taiwan LED factory began to disclose the results of January 2019, after crystal electric, londa and light branch have also announced January revenue, the former year-on-year decline;

Revenue for the latter edged up from a year earlier.

Londa reported consolidated revenue of 850 million Taiwan dollars (nt $) in January 2019, up 19.1 percent month on month and 12 percent year on year.

Ronda said that although the business of finished lighting products continues to converge, but the module and backlight products such as increased shipments and revenue.

Ronda, points out that this year locking photoelectric semiconductor product technology development, the Mini LED light emitting diode) (mm backlight application lamp plate last shipment, apply to e-sports and notebook computer display screen, the future will be the development of automotive panel backlighting, and improve the backlight partition control to achieve higher image contrast, the other will speed up the commercialization of the I - Mini RGB display module.

In the automotive lighting sector, the Core series of packaging products have been certified by the mainland automotive manufacturers, and a variety of integrated photoelectric modules are also developed, londa said.

Londa this year lock display, professional lighting, vehicle, sensing four major application areas of components and modules.

The company reported 15.61 billion yuan in revenue in January.

Excluding the transferred mobile phone camera module business and portable institutional business, the annual revenue increased by 8% and the monthly revenue decreased by 3%.

Optronics contributed 16 percent of revenue in January, while overall LED related product revenue rose more than 10 percent, the company said.

Revenue from the information products division contributed 63 percent, and revenue from the information products division rose nearly 10 percent from the same period last year.

The storage unit accounted for 16 percent of revenue in January, up nearly 20 percent from a year earlier.