Longda And Jing Electric Announced The July Performance Report, With A Year-on-year Decrease In Revenue.

- Aug 09, 2018-

Yesterday, Taiwan LED plant, Longda and Jing electric announced the revenue in July, and the performance of both companies declined year-on-year. Lunda said it will continue to adjust the product mix, has significantly reduced the proportion of low-profit lighting products, to focus on high technology and high value-added areas. Crystal Electric said back lighting and lighting demand will be warmed back in August, Mini LED and VCSEL and other new products are gradually put on the agenda, is expected to drive demand.

Longda July combined revenue of 948 million yuan (NTD, the same below), the monthly increase of 4.3%, the annual decrease of 14.99%, 2018 1 to July revenue of 6 billion 578 million yuan, a 9.76% decrease compared with the same period last year.

Longda said the company has continuously adjusted its product mix and has greatly reduced the proportion of lower profit lighting products to a customized lighting module with high technical and additional value, as well as high power LED for special applications. The first 5050 package of RGBWW products in the world can greatly improve the dimming color gamut, and use the crystal grain to improve the reliability of the product. It is suitable for high-end intelligent lighting applications in indoor and outdoor.

In addition, Longda lighting components enter stage lighting, advertising lights and other special application markets. In the backlight part, due to the design trend of the whole screen in the mobile phone market, Longda 0.3T LED products have super thin, ultra small features, lock the high - order mobile phone panel, and get the customers' favor. In response to the high contrast demand of TV and outdoor display billboards, Lunda continues to introduce high-voltage HV LED products for direct-down backlighting.

In the new field of application, Longda said that the LED components used in the wearer have entered the world's top 5 mobile hand ring brands, and the UV (ultraviolet) LED grain and packaging products also continue to ship, applied to the nail lamp and printing curing.

In July, it realized 1 billion 814 million yuan of combined revenue. It was affected by high demand for lighting and backlighting and weak demand. Revenue was reduced by 0.1%, and annual decrease was 19.36%. The total revenue of the first 7 months was 12 billion 256 million yuan, and the annual decrease was 16.19%.

Looking forward to the third quarter, Zhou Mingjun, general manager of crystal electricity, previously pointed out that lighting customers have digested stocks in the second quarter, and the third quarter has been digested in stock, plus big festivals such as Thanksgiving, and the demand for backlighting is also obviously back to temperature. The expected backlighting and lighting kinetic energy is expected to recover gradually in the third quarter, and the difference between July and June is not It's big, but it's expected to return to temperature in August.

Mini LED application part, the current contact with mobile phone, competition, tablet, car and TV applications, and other terminal customers, it is reported that the application of competitive applications have been found in the fourth quarter, and the demand for kinetic energy is available.

VCSEL service section, crystal previously said that the fourth quarter has a small opportunity to deliver a small amount to 6 inches of working customers and contribute to revenue. There will be a large number of orders in the next year.

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