Looking For The Stars That Disappear From City Ministry Of Housing And Construction There Will Be Clear Standards To Prevent And Control Urban Light Pollution

- Dec 26, 2018-

How long have you not looked up at the bright stars?

In today's perception of many children, "star" is only an abstract word. For three billion years, life on Earth has lived in light and darkness brought about by the sun, moon and stars. With the large-scale construction and activities of human beings on the earth, the light pollution caused by beautiful "night cities" has evolved into a beautiful "killer" of ecology and environment.——LED Building lighting

Today, two-thirds of the world's urban population cannot see the galaxy and major constellations at night. Outside the city, the distant night Star protection area has become the last heaven where people look up to the stars. The sky of childhood has unconsciously become the last memory. In order to find the "disappeared" stars, the Ministry of Housing is taking action to speed up the revision of urban lighting standards and improve industry standards to solve the problem of "light pollution" in cities.——LED Building lighting

Light Pollution: Lighting the City and Darkening the Starry Sky

Once upon a time, the brilliant night sky brought infinite reverie, the exploration of the sky also gave birth to astronomy as a basic discipline.——LED Building lighting

As early as 4,300 years ago, the ancients of China had been able to "observe the sky and give time". By observing the stars with the naked eye, 24 solar terms were determined to guide agricultural production. But with the acceleration of urbanization, more and more people living in cities find that the stars seem to disappear.——LED Building lighting

After nightfall, shopping malls, hotels and even libraries shine bright neon lights. In some buildings, strong lights soar into the sky. In many first-tier cities in China, nights have long been like daylight.——LED Building lighting

One third of the world's population cannot see the Milky Way.

A study in the American Journal of Progress in Science found that a third of the Earth's population could not see the bright galaxy in the night sky because of light pollution. Based on high-precision satellite imaging data and observations from more than 20,000 ground stations around the world, this study draws such a conclusion.——LED Building lighting

Researchers from Italy, Germany, the United States and Israel have produced the most accurate global Atlas of light pollution impact assessment to date. The results show that 80% of the earth's people live in the sky polluted by artificial light. Nearly 80% of the population of North America and 60% of the population of Europe can not see the Milky Way.——LED Building lighting

This atlas shows that Singapore is the most serious light pollution in the world, followed by Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Israel and so on. In western Europe, only a few areas are unaffected by light pollution, including Scotland, Sweden, Norway and parts of Spain and Austria. The countries least affected by light pollution are Chad, the Central African Republic and Madagascar.——LED Building lighting

Studies have shown that night light pollution not only makes it difficult to see the Milky Way, but also causes other problems, such as wasting energy and money and damaging biodiversity.

Researchers recommend minimizing unnecessary light at night, especially blue light, which interferes with circadian rhythms, while preventing light from shining above the horizontal level.——LED Building lighting

Ministry of Housing and Construction: There will be clear standards for preventing and controlling urban light pollution

Faced with the "light pollution" that is rising to the clouds, the Ministry of Housing and Construction has recently launched an effort to improve the industry standards and find the stars of the city's disappearance.——LED Building lighting

Reporters learned from the Ministry of Housing that in view of the problems of light disturbance, light pollution and high energy consumption of urban lighting caused by urban lighting engineering, China is currently speeding up the revision of urban lighting standards, and improving industry standards to solve the problem of urban "light pollution".——LED Building lighting

With the progress of lighting industry technology in recent years, it is urgent to update the standard of "Rules for Construction and Acceptance of Urban Road Lighting" which has been implemented for many years.——LED Building lighting

Ma Wenhai, Deputy Secretary-General of Urban Lighting Professional Committee of China Municipal Engineering Association, said: "Many standards of urban lighting in our country lag behind our current technological updates. For example, the current standard of street lamps still stays above the power density value of one watt per square meter. In fact, the new technology can totally achieve 0.5 watt per square meter now. Our standard is five years ago, so we need to speed up the work of updating the standard.——LED Building lighting

In addition to the updating of standards, Ma Wenhai introduced that they are currently conducting a systematic research on urban lighting in China, as entrusted by the Ministry of Housing and Construction. According to the current research, lighting planning and technology application in many cities are all the same. It is just the application of large-scale point light source and multi-media in large-area buildings. The design is too simple, too bright, too dazzling and too colorful. The problem of urban light pollution caused by the strong sense of motion needs to be solved urgently.——LED Building lighting

How can cities use up the stars scientifically?

"We don't want to hinder the process of city brightening, we just want to use it scientifically." Experts point out that there is no need to turn off city lights, just add a lampshade, let the lights downward illumination rather than directly into the sky will significantly reduce the impact of astronomical observation.——LED Building lighting

In addition to street lights, some neon lights and other landscape lighting, if closed on time, can also enable astronomical observation and energy saving and emission reduction to achieve a "win-win" situation.——LED Building lighting

At present, some countries have begun to redesign lighting schemes, such as the United Kingdom, which has proposed detailed suburban lighting schemes to protect the environment. Kagali, Alberta, Canada, also replaced street lights in most residential areas with more efficient ones between 2002 and 2005.——LED Building lighting

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