Low Cost Transfer Method Developed By Korea KAIST For F-VLED

- Jan 01, 2019-

Low Cost Transfer Method Developed By Korea KAIST For F-VLED

According to foreign media reports, the KAIST research team developed a low-cost production method for flexible vertical blue film Micro LED (f-VLED). A team led by Professor Lee Keon Jae Lee of the Department of materials science and engineering developed a one-time transfer method for manufacturing thousands of blue gallium nitride (GaN) Micro LED (<2 mu m) arrays on plastic.——LED lighting

The blue GaN f-VLED achieves a threefold optical power density of about 30 mW / mm2 compared with the transverse Micro LED. In addition, the team can also reduce the heat generated by the device, thereby prolonging the service life of the projection device by about 100000 hours.——LED lighting

This blue f-VLED can be connected to wearable devices conformable to skin species, or even implanted into the brain. In addition, the R & D team indicated that the Micro LED can be stabilized by wireless transmission power.——LED lighting

Due to its very low power consumption, faster response speed and design flexibility, Micro LED is expected to replace AMOLED display. However, to expand to larger displays and televisions, this manufacturing technology will need to be able to transmit millions of red, blue and green Micro LEDs.——LED lighting

Professor Lee pointed out: "for future Micro LED, membrane transfer, innovative technologies for efficient devices and interconnections are very necessary. We plan to display the full color LED display of smart watch size by the end of this year.——LED lighting


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