Lunda Sales Growth In August, Auto Lighting Products Are Expected To Boost Operations

- Sep 06, 2018-

  The combined revenue of lunda electronics in August was 1.08 billion yuan (nt $, the same below), up 13.8 percent on a monthly basis and 1.32 percent on a yearly basis. The combined revenue from January to August was 7.656 billion yuan, down 8.35 percent year on year.Sales rose in August as customers of backlight and lighting modules continued to pull orders, londa said.The combined revenue of lunda in the first half was 5.63 billion yuan, the operating gross margin was 763 million yuan, the combined gross margin was 13.57 percent, the after-tax surplus was 11.76 million yuan and the earnings per share were 0.02 yuan.

  Ronda said the company continue to adjust product mix, and accelerate the development of new products, has published the whole series of new LED products, including grain size, Micro LED UFP I - Mini RGB, and Mini LED backlight module board, including Mini LED backlight products which has been applied in the high order shipment lead and e-sports laptops and advanced graphics display, this 32 inch Mini LED backlight is divided into 384 control area, which can realize the HDR 1000 nits high dynamic contrast,The wide-color field LED technology enables the panel color to reach 95% of NTSC, meeting the player's contrast and color requirements for the display.

  In automotive applications, ronda vehicle optical module product has been shipped and applied to the European locomotive lamp, the product performance and quality for European clients, the company leading the development of the ADB wisdom head lamp system, the knowledge of measurement to adjust light irradiation range has a car, got the favour of mainland customers, is expected to boost operation for the future.