Macro Qi: Optimistic About The Second Half Of The Operation, Mobile Phone With Mini LED In Authentication.

- Jun 27, 2018-

Hong Qi's June 21st shareholders will pass 1 yuan (NT, the same), because the second season is still off season, Hong Qi said that the second quarter and the first quarter are similar, because the second half of the second half of the peak season, the second half of the year will be better than the first half of the year, the company's layout of the Mini LED is still in the certification.——LED lighting

Hong Qi held shareholders' meeting yesterday, and Hongqi avoided LED lighting and other fierce market competition in recent years, focused on products such as display panel, vehicle panel and other products, and strengthened the research and development of Mini LED and RFID chips and other products, with a large reduction in depreciation burden, allowing Hong Qi performance to return to normal track from the second half of last year.——LED lighting

At present, Hong Kong's capacity is about 550 to 600KK, of which consumer products (terminal applications including indicator light, mobile phone Flash, game machine, 3C products, NB and household appliances, etc.) account for about 50% of revenue, about 40% of display products, and about 10% of other products (including infrared 5%, textile lamps and vehicle panel).——LED lighting

The combined revenue of the first quarter of this year is 774 million yuan, the annual growth is 12.83%, the business gross profit is 163 million yuan, the combined gross interest rate is 21.45%, the annual increase of 1.67 percentage points, the post tax surplus of 43 million 220 thousand yuan, and the earnings of 0.21 yuan per share.——LED lighting

Hongqi consolidated revenue in May was 247 million yuan, an annual decrease of 1.11%, and accumulated 1 to May combined revenue of 1 billion 303 million yuan, an annual increase of 11.5%.——LED lighting

Hongqi said that in the second quarter, due to the off-season, the second quarter results were expected to be similar to those in the first quarter. Due to the peak season in the second half of the year, the second half of the year will be better than the first half.——LED lighting

In the Mini LED part, the 4 Mini LED developed by Hongqi is combined into a Mini COB package product that can be applied to the LED screen in the cinema, and the delivery has already begun, and the Mini LED in the mobile phone is in the authentication.——LED lighting

In 2017, Hongqi combined revenue of 3 billion 13 million yuan, operating gross profit of 663 million yuan, combined gross interest rate of 22%, annual increase of 9.81 percentage points, after tax surplus of 226 million yuan, the earnings of 1.12 yuan per share.——LED lighting