Mainly Focused On Mini LED, VCSEL And Other Applications, Crystal Power This Year Turned Into Profit

- Jun 03, 2019-

The shareholder reports of crystal power and yiguang have been released successively, and the two leading manufacturers have warned of the supply and demand status of this year. It is expected that the LED industry will still be shrouded in the shadow of oversupply this year. The bulk applications have been saturated, and niche applications will take over and become the main growth drivers.

Crystal electric chairman Li Bingjie said, looking ahead to 2019, although the LED industry is still in the state of excess production capacity, competition is intense, but due to the countries all over the world think highly of energy conservation and environmental protection issues, and because of the miniaturization of the LED luminous efficiency, make more and more new application implementation, so the LED market still has potential development opportunities.

Li bing-jie is optimistic about the increasing demand of Mini LED applied in various displays, the increasing demand of LED efficient lamp tube and filament LED bulb year by year, the penetration rate of LED in lighting and automobile applications continues to increase, LED plant lighting applications are gradually paid attention to and infrared (IR) LED in security control, smart phone sensing and so on.

Crystal electricity is also the first to fire the vertical cavity surface laser (VCSEL) into the shareholder reports, crystal electricity for popularizing of VCSEL OEM business, in addition to the original used in data transmission of VCSEL lei chip sales will have a significant growth, was founded in October 2018, subsidiary crystal into semiconductor co., LTD., and this year began to promote applied to sensing the VCSEL and 5 g application related OEM services and research and development.

Determined the terminal application requirements towards wisdom and cost-effective, the trend of development, has to be constantly on research and development, improve technology and therefore reduce costs, crystal electric will continue to launch new products, optimize resource use efficiency, promote the additional value of products and optimize the product mix, to get more high quality orders, expected to turn into profit by this year.

Over the past year, LED trade expansion in succession the capacity of a large number of open, global LED supply exceeds demand, coupled with the market as a whole than expected demand, lead to more intense market competition, market prices, crystal electricity last year revenue of 17.19 billion yuan (nt, similarly hereinafter), minus 21.7%, after-tax net loss of 456 million yuan, after-tax net loss of $0.42 a share.