Many Giants Compete For The Layout Of Micro Leds, And Youda And Jingjing Take The Lead

- Jun 11, 2018-

All the people have taken advantage of the Micro LED market, and youda has taken the lead in displaying the world's highest resolution full-color active Micro LED display technology, announcing that the mass production time can be expected.

Taiwan institute of technology (TGST) assists in the development of "ultra-small spacing Micro LED indoor display" module for chip power, xinxing and agglomeration, aiming to capture the 110-inch indoor display market.

♦ 8 inches of Micro LED display technology (image: au)

According to the set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) research, points out that Micro LED business potential huge, if the Micro LED fully replace liquid crystal display components estimate, the size of the market will be up to $30 billion to $40 billion, to attract global technology companies actively involved and major research institutions.

In hon hai to fully mobilize the development of Micro LED, friends don't fall after people, developed the world's highest resolution full-color active 8 inches of Micro LED display technology, and won the "2018 best of the best" SID show affirmation, highlight auo in Micro LED technology development capabilities.

Friends of the general manager and chief operating officer Cai Guoxin said the au to Micro and a number of advanced LED display technology won the "best of the best SID show" in 2018, proved that auo long-term accumulation of lead into advanced display technology.

Taiwan institute of technology and research has also assisted in the development of Micro LED and other indicator factories in Taiwan, such as jingdian and xinxing.

Taiwan industry research institute, director of the electro-optical system zhi-yi wu said, Micro LED to overcome is currently "huge amount transfer" key technical problems, Taiwan industry institute last week in a computer exhibition, on display for the first time to accumulate, xin xing and neptunium gen (invested by crystal electric, auo and umc), developed a "huge amount transfer", those who want a 110 - inch indoor display market opportunities.

Wu zhiyi pointed out that China and Taiwan, from IC design, LED manufacturing and display panel manufacturers to system integration manufacturers, have developed a complete industrial chain of Micro leds and are highly competitive internationally.