Market Analysis Of Four Major Global Plant Growth Lamps: LED Lamps Account For 60%

- Aug 05, 2018-

The global plant growth lamp market is expected to be worth more than $3 billion by 2020 and grow at a compound annual rate of 12% from 2016 to 2020, according to the latest research by market research firm Technavio.




At present, the global plant growth lamp market is mainly divided into four categories: fluorescent lamp growth lamp, LED growth lamp, high pressure sodium (HPS) growth lamp, incandescent lamp and halogen lamp growth lamp.



The global market for fluorescent growth lamps



The global market for fluorescents is expected to reach $1 billion by 2020, and such products are popular with home gardeners.

Standard fluorescent bulbs are usually used for seed germination, but they are not efficient. In order to overcome the shortage of standard fluorescent bulbs, advanced technology will be used to produce high yield and high efficiency fluorescent lamps.

The new bulbs, which are brighter but cooler than standard bulbs, are more efficient and cheaper than incandescent bulbs.



In addition, the fluorescent lamp holder will be lighter, easier to install, more convenient for users to use, and can be replaced at any time.



LED growth lamp market worldwide



By 2020, the global LED growth lamp market will reach 1.9 billion us dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 25%.

LED growth lamp market is relatively new, technology has been developing, and more efficient products are constantly introduced.

Leds last 10 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs, and far longer than incandescent bulbs.

Although such lamps are more expensive, they are more efficient because they do not require frequent replacement and save on electricity costs.

Leds generate less heat than other lamps, eliminating the need for expensive and complex cooling systems.

Cooling systems are needed to use other lamps because too much heat can damage plant tissue cells.



The market is set to grow further as researchers around the world focus on developing LED growth lamps because of their greater advantages.



High pressure sodium lamp growth lamp market worldwide



By 2020, the global market value of high pressure sodium vapor lamp will reach 157 million us dollars.

High - pressure sodium lamp orange light and red light can make flowers produce, produce and ripen.

The advantage of high pressure sodium lamp is that it has a wide exposure range, and high pressure sodium lamp should not be too close to plants because it will generate a lot of heat.

But the greenhouse does need more heat in winter.

The high pressure sodium lamp will weaken after it is used for a long time, so it needs to be replaced.

The average life of such lamps is 18,000 hours.



According to Abhay Sinha, an agricultural equipment analyst at Technavio, "high pressure sodium lamps are the most efficient of all high intensity gas discharge lamps, with their light efficiency six times higher than incandescent lamps, making a big difference, and their popularity in the future will contribute to the growth of the indoor growing industry."



Global market for incandescent and halogen lamps



The global market for incandescent and halogen bulbs will reach us $79.5 million by 2020, with a compound annual decline rate of 1.5%.



Incandescent lamp can usually at the grocery store and the hardware store to buy, but the use of incandescent lamp do is not a disadvantage of the grow lights and energy saving, do not produce light that part of the energy will produce extra calories, Abhay said: "although started to buy incandescent lamp cost is very low, but the cost is higher than fluorescent light, therefore be used for incandescent light bulbs don't grow lights, halide lamp, too, because its performance is similar with incandescent light bulb."