Market Development: 4 New Trends To Experience Commercial Lighting

- Sep 08, 2018-

LED commercial lighting development is very rapid, every year has new changes, now people pay more attention to the commercial lighting space, how to use light experience best, commercial lighting in order to serve the lighting needs of commercial places and the lighting system, naturally to add luster for business!——LED lighting

The pursuit is endless, lighting people are not dreaming of the ideal road, is in the dream of meditation. How to make commercial lighting more cohesive or appealing? The following four major LED in the commercial lighting market trends are to be noted:

Trend 1 color consistency

According to the current contact with the sales team of COB LED, all the high-end commercial lighting lighting companies have begun to pursue color consistency, each customer wants to get the only color performance. Uniformity, which is very important in the business environment, can not be seen in a row of different colors of light. At present, LED on the market, whether COB packaging, low-power chip packaging, or high-power packaging, there are different color areas, COB although there are two or three-step color tolerance specifications, will be higher than other packaging situation standards, but still in two-step color tolerance when there are 3-4 background color, 3-step color tolerance has 5-6 background color; When the same batch is delivered, it will be very easy to appear chromatic aberration. At present, the color control standard of Eulent COB is two background colors, which is not controlled according to the color tolerance standard, but controlled by human eye recognition ability.——LED lighting

Trend 2 light quality

With the upgrade of social consumption, the demand for lighting is becoming higher and higher. The quality of light is paid more and more attention by consumers, engineers and designers. Good lighting can enhance the value of the business environment; bad lighting can make tens of millions of dollars of investment greatly reduced. This is definitely not alarmist. Therefore, the quality of light, especially the people-oriented lighting experience, is particularly important; not only to meet the needs of illumination, luminous flux, but also through the structure and optical design, so that the luminous effect of lamps and lanterns to achieve the best, do not produce glare, make people feel comfortable. Here is to mention melatonin, evening and night activity environment must provide low illumination, low color temperature light, in order to stimulate the production of melatonin, provide the quality of human sleep. Therefore, different places and environments have different pursuit of light ——LED lighting

Trend 3 intelligence

With the development of big data and Internet of Things, intelligent lamps and lights are brought up in large numbers. Intelligent lighting system is a system for intelligent control and management of lighting. Compared with traditional lighting, it can realize intelligent control of lighting, voice control, dimming, scene selection, one-to-one remote control and full switching of partitioned lighting. It can also be controlled by remote control, timing, centralized, remote and other control methods, and even by computer to carry out advanced intelligent control of lighting. Believe that with Baidu, Tianmao, Amazon, millet and other large enterprises to join, the development of intelligent lighting will be faster and better.——LED lighting

Trend 4 diversification of structure

Commercial lighting lamps and lanterns are increasingly demanding on the external structure, rich structural choices, a variety of shapes; combined with the application development of the appearance, so that the majority of consumers experience the light is not only lighting, but also an art, a life attitude. Each lamp has value, which is the direction of commercial lighting. Combined with the following pictures, we can give you more experience.——LED lighting

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