Measures For The Implementation Of Urban Lighting Management In Shenzhen In August

- Jul 31, 2018-

In order to strengthen the management of urban lighting, improve the lighting environment of the city and promote energy conservation, since August 1, 2018, Shenzhen has implemented the newly promulgated "measures for the management of urban lighting in Shenzhen" (hereinafter referred to as "the method"), which stipulates that any unit or individual shall not be allowed to move, dismantle and alter urban road lighting facilities or in urban roads without authorization. The excavation of the lighting line above the pipeline is forbidden to receive electricity from the urban road lighting facilities without authorization. The competent department shall publish a 24 hour complaint call to the society. The unit damages the urban road lighting facilities seriously, and will be fined below 50 thousand yuan and more than 100 thousand yuan. Meanwhile, the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone urban road lighting regulations" issued in March 3, 1997 (No. fifty-ninth of the municipal government) was repealed.——Urban lighting

The "measures" stipulates that the municipal authorities will plan the land and transportation departments with the city and organize the special planning of urban lighting according to the overall plan of the city, and submit them to the city planning committee after approval. Before applying for approval for the special urban lighting planning, the municipal competent departments shall solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life through public hearings and demonstration meetings. The municipal competent departments shall, in accordance with the special planning for urban lighting, formulate energy-saving plans for urban lighting, and strictly control the scope, brightness and energy consumption density of landscape lighting.——Urban lighting

As a green and low-carbon modern city, Shenzhen should also focus on energy saving and environmental protection to avoid light pollution. "Measures" put forward new, rebuilt and expanded urban lighting facilities, which should meet the special planning of urban lighting, technical standards for urban lighting and technical specifications. The lighting of urban lighting facilities should not be directly exposed to the windows of residential buildings, and the distance between urban lighting facilities and windows of residential buildings should be adopted, and shading measures should be taken. . The competent departments should build the intelligent control system of urban lighting, carry out intelligent monitoring and management of urban lighting facilities, and realize the scientific and rational switching lights and brightness control of urban lighting facilities invested by the government.——Urban lighting

Functional lighting facilities should be set up in the three category

According to the regulations, functional lighting facilities should be set up in the three regions.

1. Urban roads, bridges, tunnels, pedestrian crossing facilities and green roads;

Two, residential areas, urban villages, squares, parks, public green spaces, scenic spots and historical sites, public parking lots;

Three, other non functional lighting facilities, there may be hidden dangers in public places.

Note: key regional landmark and node, city main landscape corridor, urban important traffic portal and other key areas should set up landscape lighting facilities in accordance with the special planning of urban lighting.——Urban lighting

To strengthen the maintenance and management of urban road lighting facilities, the "measures" proposed that any unit or individual should not be allowed to transfer, dismantle, modify urban road lighting facilities or to excavate the urban road lighting pipelines, and the unauthorized access to urban road lighting facilities is prohibited. Units or individuals are prohibited from portraying, smearing, posting and drying in urban lighting facilities; prohibiting the dumping of corroded objects within 1 meters of urban lighting facilities; prohibition of setting up pipelines or other facilities on urban lighting facilities; prohibiting unauthorized operation of urban lighting facilities or changing their operating modes.——Urban lighting

"Measures" require, urban road lighting facilities in the event of failure, maintenance and management units should find fault or receive a report immediately after repair. Simple malfunction, such as single lamp, should be processed within 24 hours. The complex faults such as line and equipment damage should be processed within 3 days; the maintenance management unit should take measures such as setting up notice and waking up to prevent accidents. The "method" also requires that the competent authorities should announce to the public about 24 hours of complaints about urban lighting facilities. After receiving a complaint, the competent department shall carry out the investigation and deal with the complaint in time and, within 3 working days after the completion of the treatment, give a written feedback to the informant or complainant in writing.——Urban lighting

"Measures" put forward, unauthorized transfer, dismantling, changing urban road lighting facilities, or excavation on the city road lighting pipeline, ordered units or individuals to restore the original form, the individual is fined 200 yuan, the unit is fined 20000 yuan; damage urban road lighting facilities, ordered units or individuals to restore the original form, Compensation for the loss, the individual is fined 500 yuan, the unit is fined less than 20000 yuan and more than 50000 yuan, the plot is serious, ordered the unit or individual to restore the original form, compensation for the loss, the individual is fined 1000 yuan, the unit is fined more than 50000 yuan and 100000 yuan, except as otherwise provided by law and law. Refusing to pay the fine, the competent department or the transportation department may impose a fine of 3% plus a fine per day in accordance with the law, or apply for compulsory execution by the court, and inform the housing construction, water affairs, market supervision and public credit units to be included in the credit recording system.——Urban lighting

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