Meizu CEO: The Future High-end Models Are AMOLED And MicroLED World.

- Jul 22, 2018-

Among the three models released in 2017, apple used OLED display for the first time in iPhone X. And according to the aeration, the apple will launch three iPhone models this year, the high-end models all use OLED, and the LCD screen is considered a "cheap version". This means that Apple will gradually abandon the LCD display in high-end models.——Micro LED

In this regard, Meizu technology chairman and CEO Huang Zhang put forward a similar view.——Micro LED

Huang Zhang believes that the future of high-end mobile phone screens is known to be the world of AMOLED and micro-LED display. The value of future LCD screens is only due to cheap applications in the medium and low end machines. This is not what some consumers or manufacturers can change.——Micro LED

For the AMOLED and micro-LED, which Huang believes in the future, the former is the display that Apple has already used on iPhone and will be applied to more high-end models in the future, and the latter is a technology that apple is now paying much attention to.——Micro LED

In the words of Huang Zhang, no matter what future mobile phone development will be, at least, it can be confirmed that the Meizu's recently released high-end models will use AMOLED displays, while the micro-LED display, apple can only look at it for the time being, and the Meizu estimate will not be expected for the time being.——Micro LED

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