Micro LED Production Of OLED Production Line

- Aug 07, 2018-

In recent days, Korean media said that the company is in consultation with equipment manufacturers, ready to buy equipment to transform the 4.5 panel production line now, ink jet printing process to produce the OLED panel. Youda Optoelectronics also said that Youda Optoelectronics has long-term experience in OLED technology development, for ink-jet printing OLED technology development has also been ongoing research. In the future, we will take prudent assessment of related investments based on the market and customer needs and smart investment principles. This is another swing of Au Delta's investment in the OLED panel.——Micro LED

Au optoelectronic is the first panel manufacturer to invest in OLED research and development in Taiwan, set up a OLED team in 2000, and successfully developed OLED technology in 2002. It was also the only manufacturer in the world that developed a-Si TFT and LTPS TFT technology at the same time, and released the 4 inch master of LTPS TFT technology in September of the same year. Dynamic full color OLED display.——Micro LED

In October 2005, Youda Optoelectronics developed a 270ppi VGA high-resolution 3-inch AMOLED display, and in June 2006 produced the world's first 2-inch AMOLED mobile phone panel.——Micro LED

In October 2009, Au optoelectronic released a 14 inch Full HD resolution OLED TV panel, and in October 2011, Au optoelectronic released a 32 inch FHD OLED TV and a 4 inch full-color AMOLED display (Flexible AMOLED). In October 2012, optoelectronics released a 4.65 inch OLED resolution with a resolution of 317ppi. 2013 Au electronics also released a 56 inch 4K OLED TV, and a 5 inch FHD OLED resolution 443ppi screen.——Micro LED

However, on the real production of OLED production, EO still has only a 4.5 generation a-Si TFT OLED panel line, which provides a small number of smart watch OLED displays for the industry.——Micro LED

After Apple promoted the application of LTPS TFT technology on smart phone display, uicda has also followed up a 6 generation LTPS production line in Kunshan. The current production line is only 25 thousand months. The future will not continue the two phase capacity expansion, although there is a variety of assessment, but there is no great progress for the time being.——Micro LED

In 2017, there was the 6 generation LTPS panel on Kunshan, which was expected to invest 6 generation of hard and flexible OLED capacity, scheduled to start production in 2018, but affected by the continued decline of LCD prices, the company's profit was reduced, and the investment plan was not actually implemented.——Micro LED

While China's panel enterprises such as Beijing East, deep Tianma, Huaxing optoelectronic, Huaxing optoelectronic, and visa, and other enterprises have invested the 6 generation flexible OLED panel production lines, YDA optoelectronic is more optimistic about the Micro LED display technology and can replace the OLED technology.——Micro LED

But in July 26th, on the friend Da photoelectric law, chairman Peng Shuanglang said that at present, although the Micro LED technology is in a relatively leading position in the industry, it is hoped to be able to seize more business opportunities, but there are still a lot of engineering problems to break through, not to reach the degree of production, the future needs more companies in the industry to work together. To speed up product development process, we can make more breakthroughs in mass production technology.——Micro LED

On the full color active Micro LED display technology, the Au optoelectronic uses semiconductor process to produce white LED array luminescence layer, and then assembles the color filter of RGB to realize color display. Similar to LGD, the white OLED light layer +RGB color filter is used to realize the OLED television panel technology of color display.——Micro LED

The company has agreed to buy OLLED inkjet printing equipment in consultation with equipment manufacturers. It is believed that it may be the effect that Japanese JOLED announced the impact of the inkjet printing and printing OLED panel in the previous period. Japan's JOLED is prepared to use ink-jet printing and printing to produce notebook electric brain and vehicle display OLED panel products.——Micro LED

The current OLED panel production technology, except for the ink jet printing and printing process of JOLED in Japan, all the other manufacturers use the steamed plating process, which not only has high cost, the production size is limited, and the product quality and good rate are difficult to reach the commercial level.——Micro LED

Therefore, after the OLED display effect has been recognized by the industry, panel manufacturers LGD, Samsung, Beijing East, Huaxing optoelectronics and deep Tianma are all studying new OLED production technology, hoping to replace the process process of RGB pixels to produce large size OLED TV panel, in which ink-jet printing technology can save material and production efficiency. Gao has been the focus of attention of these panel makers.——Micro LED

However, due to the influence of OLED display material technology and the compatibility of ink-jet printing equipment, the current ink-jet printing technology has been applied in the auxiliary process of the OLED panel made in the steamed RGB pixel process. In the manufacturing of the key OLED luminescent layer, the ink-jet printing and printing technology is only expressed in Japanese JOLED. A breakthrough in mass production.——Micro LED

Under the condition that Micro LED panel is difficult to produce, it will buy inkjet printing equipment to pick up OLED technology and make a breakthrough in production technology on the 4.5 generation of panel line. It is still to be observed whether it can really shake the flexible OLED panel of Samsung and Chinese mainland panel manufacturers.——Micro LED

But as the global panel capacity quickly aggregated to the mainland of China, EO wanted to keep its share of the market, and a bigger obstacle might not be on the technical level, but on the subsequent investment capital and the cost of investment capital. In order to bypass the capacity and price of the mainland and South Korean panel manufacturers on the flexible OLED mobile panel and LCD panel, it is probably a direct entry into the OLED vehicle display field, as is at the time of imitating JOLED to produce the OLED panel.——Micro LED

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