Micro LED Technology Got A Big Breakthrough. Hung Jia Army Tried Hard To Grab Apple's Panel Business Opportunities.

- Jul 15, 2018-

Hon Hai's Micro LED new creation company eLux yesterday (12) day revealed that the fluid assembly and positioning technology has been patent, can achieve the maximum assembly speed, is a major breakthrough in technology. ELux shareholders include group creation, glory, SHARP and other horns. ELux has made major technological breakthroughs. Group creation and Rong Chuang will also play a key role.

With the rapid development of panel technology, Apple has actively invested in the development of new generation panels to break the long-term dependence on Samsung's supply and achieve the purpose of "de Samsung". Previously, it has been spread that apple is looking for Micro LED after the market, has been in the United States in secret R & D related display technology, and rely heavily on Taiwan regional engineers, Hon Hai Group is a partner of apple.

At present, Micro LED is going to break through several key technologies. Massive transfer is an important part. Many manufacturers have developed different ways to break through. Chi state science and technology held a seminar yesterday, eLux revealed that the Micro LED fluid assembly and positioning technology has been patented, the maximum assembly speed can be achieved. ELux founder and technology leader Paul Schuele also shared the actual application of fluid assembly transfer method to make light display.

Hon Hai Group has invested in the US Micro LED eLux, and has been looking for SHARP, Chuang Chuang and Rong Chuang to join eLux. Statistics show that Chuang Chuang and Rong Chuang hold 13.64% and 9.09% stake respectively, highlighting Terry Gou, chairman of Hon Hai, to rely heavily on Chuang Chuang and Rong Chuang to develop Micro LED.

The industry has judged that Apple will work closely with Hon Hai group, and Chuang Chuang and Rong Chuang will play the leading role. Rong Chuang is an important LED transfer company of Hon Hai group, with the integration of group resources, cooperation with group creation, SHARP and other panel customers, and actively developing the Mini LED backlight panel. Rong Chuang is also actively developing Micro LED technology, making every effort to achieve the goal of mass production.

The industry expects, with the eLux Micro LED major technological breakthrough, group creation, glory and so on will play the corner, full attack on Hon Hai to grab the apple new generation panel business opportunities. In addition, Rong Chuang has also won two directors of Guang Kong, highlighting the key position of Rong Chuang in Hon Hai Group's layout of Micro LED.

LED Research Center (LEDinside) Research Center (LED Research Center) in super think, with Samsung, SONY and other big factories have been in 2018 to show the concept of LED related products, Samsung even expected to produce large size Micro LED television, to drive more manufacturers into development. According to LEDinside's latest report, it is estimated that the market value of Micro LED and Mini LED will reach US $1 billion 380 million by 2022, of which US $694 million will be contributed by Micro LED.

Hon Hai Group's driving IC factory, Tianyu, is also attracting attention. As driving IC will have a direct impact on the display, color and color temperature, this series of integration shows the future of Micro LED in the field of commercial market, which is a necessary market for Hon Hai group.