Micro/Mini LED Holdings, Taiwan Plant Is Expected To Achieve Overturn In The Display Industry.

- Aug 28, 2018-

Youda took the lead in developing full-color active 8-inch micro-LED displays this year. The panel double tiger is also expected to produce Mini-LED related displays in the fourth quarter. It can be seen that the factory will continue to break through the technical bottleneck in the next generation of display technology. In the future, the Taiwan factory will have the opportunity to use micro-LED and other new technologies to counter AMOLED displays.——Micro/Mini LED

Apple's new iPhone this year will offer a 6.1-inch LCD version at a lower price. It's not so aggressive to promote the two high-priced OLED versions of the iPhone. It's a temporary setback for OLED applications, and it's a temporary respite for Taiwan's LCD factories that haven't shipped a lot of OLED phone panels to speed up the development of Micro LEDs.——Micro/Mini LED

Because a six-generation OLED panel factory, to hundreds of billions of dollars (NT dollars, the same below) investment, micro LED and other emerging display technology, as long as the investment of tens of billions of dollars, at the same time, micro LED is a combination of LCD and LED technology, coupled with Taiwan has a mature LCD and LED industry, is very suitable for the development of Taiwan factory.——Micro/Mini LED

Peng Shuanglang, chairman of Youda, said before that Taiwan has a very mature LCD and LED industry. If micro LED can break through the manufacturing bottleneck, it is a good opportunity for Taiwan.——Micro/Mini LED

Micro LED has the advantages of LCD and OLED display technology, but also can make up for its shortcomings, "it is indeed a good thing", but technology development needs time, micro LED involves a lot of industrial integration, as Taiwan has launched this year micro LED samples, Mini LED products will be in the fourth quarter of this year, if at this time to increase research and development and integration. Joint efforts, the future has the opportunity to let Taiwan in the display industry curve overtaking, and OLED display tribunal.——Micro/Mini LED

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