Millet Has A Good Quality On The Shelf. An OP Modern Style Lamp Suit

- Feb 22, 2019-

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin officially put on the shelf a set of OP modern style lamps. There are three rooms and one hall (four lights combination) and three rooms and two halls (five lights combination) in two specifications, including time-light living room lamp, appendix bedroom lamp, flower bedroom lamp, bathing green bedroom lamp and moon dinner chandelier (three rooms and two halls exclusive) five kinds of lamp sets, which can meet the various lighting equipment of home environment.

OP lamp sets all adopt the design elements of hollow pattern border, giving the lamp or warm, or romantic or elegant product temperament, and hollow pattern design can also adapt to various styles of home decoration environment, perfect integration into it. Living room ceiling lighting can be adjusted by remote control or wall switch from the main light brightness, warm white light, yellow light, white light, dark yellow light four light tone Festival and cinema mode, night light mode, visitor mode, entertainment mode of four lighting modes, according to different use environment for light adjustment, to create a sufficient atmosphere.

The bedroom lamps and lanterns are designed with hollow lace, so that the light can be diffused through the hollow part to map on the wall, bringing a clear sense of hierarchy and hollow lace light and shadow effect. Bedroom lamps and lanterns are equipped with 4500k warm white light and 3000K yellow light two light efficiency specifications, can adapt to the bedroom environment reading, work and romantic, quiet scenes.

Lanyue Restaurant suspender lamp is composed of two parts, the inside is like a full moon general circular lampshade, the outside is like a flowing cloud of white hollow iron frame, three-dimensional and hierarchical sense. Yellow and white light lighting can also meet the different needs of restaurants. The design of downward focus can make food more attractive and create a very good dining atmosphere.