Mingwei Group Cai Mingzhi: Take Advantage Of The Momentum, Brand Development Lies In Quality First

- May 06, 2019-

New economy, new pattern and new momentum. Digital power is reshaping the value chain of lighting industry. The theme of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in 2019 is "thinking about lighting, attacking and defending". We will discuss the winning way between enterprises attacking and defending in the local and global context, gather wise thinking, and create a new situation in the industry.

We focus on the development of LED industry innovation. In this background, GILE visited many outstanding exhibitors and industry guests, recorded a series of interview programs "Attack and Defense", shared the enterprise's future development plan and suggestions for the development of China's LED innovation industry, concentrated on presenting the wisdom of the guests, outlining the panorama of China's LED era, and interpreted the way of attacking and defending the new era of lighting in depth with hundreds of comments.

2019, is it struggling to attack the strong, or to hold the position? In recent years, the competition in the LED industry is fierce, and it is becoming more and more day-to-day. The market competition between the major LED brands is obvious to all, and the industry is shuffling. In the field of driving power supply, it is characterized by "the big one is always big and there are new rookies entering." So, what is the current market status of LED power supply? Where is the future development direction of the industry? In this program, we walked into the LED power supply. "MEAN WELL", Dialogue Mr. Cai Mingzhi, Sales Director of Mingwei Group Greater China, listened to him to explain the secrets of Ming Wei's success and the way to attack and defend.

The launch of new products and the development of the market are not blind, and Mingwei has been well thought out. “Ming Wei has a global layout dedicated to the development of LED driver power and has made corresponding changes to global industrial applications. We have three local research centers with professional product managers, including training for product managers related to dealers. For the industrial development of various regions, we continue to conduct research and data collection of future trends, including the introduction of technology, including the evolution of the technology of raw materials, all of which are dedicated to some research, and we hope to develop products with future trends. , up and down linkage, coordination, and work together to carry out various tasks." Mr. Cai Mingzhi said.

For the future of power supply, Cai Mingzhi said that power supply will become more and more "smart". "For Mingwei, we need to match all the intelligent technologies, so we have R&D centers in Taiwan, Suzhou and Guangzhou to do some research and Research on a new intelligent technology. Mingwei hopes that intelligence can be integrated into multi-level, saving energy consumption, which is what we need to focus on.

For the future of LED lighting, Cai Mingzhi said that the future development is expected. "Our Chinese companies should take quality as their first priority and let everyone see that the Chinese people can remove these words beyond the foreign brands. I feel a bit uncomfortable. I am very pleased to see that now everyone has gone This direction is going to develop. I hope we can see more industries, more companies, invest in this field in this direction, do their own things well, and also play their own brands."

Digital power is reshaping the value chain of the lighting industry. What are the winning ways between the offensive and defensive companies? For "attack and defend", Cai Mingzhi said, "I think the focus of the attack lies in the opportunity of this industry to turn over. If you want to go international, the premise is to do your own thing and use your own ability to control the cost to the best. The part that is guarded is the company's own position, grasp the development of the enterprise, and the innovation of the product. Development trend. In this way, we have the ability to attack the international market."

Mr. Cai Mingzhi (right) and Aladdin Lighting Network

Today, Mingwei is on the road of being more open, more innovative, more talented and trusted partners, which is crucial to coping with risks, stabilizing and opening up markets in the future. In the course of attack and defense, they are not confused with problems and resistance, achievement and reputation, and print the coordinates of time again. The mission of the front rank is to strive with initiative.