Mingwei's Latest KAA-4R4V KNX LED Dimming Actuator

- Jan 02, 2019-

Mingwei, the leading brand manufacturer of standard power supply, has been devoting itself to the promotion of KNX building automation control technology since it launched the first standard power supply with KNX technical standard in 2017, and has successively introduced KNX related products in line with international standards. In order to continuously improve product completeness to meet the needs of terminal customers and system operators, after KAA-8R eight-channel switch actuator, a four-channel LED light dimming actuator conforming to KNX standard was introduced.——Emergency lamp

KAA-4R4V dimming actuator contains four independent channels and uses independent bistable (lock-in) relays for each output. It is suitable for matching various LED driving power sources in Mingwei. The product specifications clearly indicate the maximum number of LED driving power installed in each channel. It is convenient for system operators to configure and plan LED lamps for automated building construction projects, and meets various indoor intelligent lighting requirements.——Emergency lamp

On the basis of KNX architecture, KNX system engineers can program easily through ETS system, according to user's needs or system planning, and can also operate manually through the entity button on the panel. KAA-4R4V dimming actuator is equipped with a green LED indicator on each channel independently to indicate the switching status. The size of the module is only 4*SU wide (72 mm) miniaturization design, which greatly reduces the space required for system installation. The guide rail shape design can be used to install the product in the standard distribution panel simply and quickly. In addition to the basic switch function, the product also integrates the DC 0(1)-10V signal dimming function, and the dimming curve can be adjusted to linear or logarithmic mode, so that the end user has excellent dimming feeling, but also can match with infrared or temperature sensing functions of various sensors, so as to achieve more effective energy-saving effect. Therefore, KAA-4R4V with high reliability and versatility can fully meet the broad application needs of modern KNX building automation design.——Emergency lamp

Dimmer and switch LED driver and traditional electronic ballast

- Each channel has an LED indicator.

- Linear or logarithmic curve dimming through software programming

- Manual control through panel buttons

- Programmable time and scenario functions

- 3 year warranty

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