Mini LED Will Be Mass Produced Next Year, Gathering Market For Car And Outdoor Display.

- Dec 26, 2018-

LED driver IC factory is expected to start mass production of Mini LED backlight module driver IC and Mini LED module next year. Juridical persons are optimistic that next year we will have the opportunity to take orders for MINI LED modules for large outdoor display screens, high-level TV screens and competitive screens. At the same time, we will also have the opportunity to adopt Mini LED technology for wearing and VR headwear devices in the future, which will become potential business opportunities for accumulation.——Micro/Mini LED

Accumulation used to be in the Red Sea of LED-driven IC used in large outdoor display screens. Under the competition of mainland manufacturers, the gross margin and profits of accumulation were hit hard. However, with the accumulation calling into the Mini LED market, the movement of accumulation camp has also begun to attract much attention.——Micro/Mini LED

The supply chain points out that the huge transfer yield of RGB accumulated in the MINI LED module has exceeded 99%, which means that it has reached the level of commercial production, and has cooperated with a number of major audiovisual factories. At present, it is scheduled to start mass production in the first half of next year, and to grab the outdoor display market.——Micro/Mini LED

Nevertheless, there is nothing more remarkable than the larger consumer electronics market. The company said that it expects to use the driving IC of the Mini LED backlight module to enter the mobile device. Now it has successfully entered the well-known brands in mainland China, and it is expected to start production and revenue injection next year.——Micro/Mini LED

In addition, Mini LED can also be used in TV, screen and other products. In fact, Accumulation has previously publicly pointed out that compared with popular LCD displays, the mainstream standard HDR technology used by 4K displays at this stage is HDR 10. Mini LED displays with Accumulated Technology Drive IC are quite close to HDR 10 display effect, and there is also a chance to enter the high-level display supply chain in the future.——Micro/Mini LED

As for the current popular automotive electronic market, Accumulation is also planning to enter the market with Mini LED products. The legal person said that the Accumulation Plan uses Mini LED backlight module to drive IC products on 12-inch automotive dashboard. Compared with the previous pointer scheme, Mini LED has the advantages of high brightness and high contrast. At present, it has begun to plan to enter automotive power, and it is expected to become a positive performance gathering. Potential areas for growth——Micro/Mini LED

From the performance point of view, amalgamated revenue in the first November of this year reached 2.775 billion yuan (NT$), 12.7% annually, rewriting the record high performance. Juridical persons are optimistic that the accumulation of revenue this year can almost be determined to conclude a new york. With the introduction of high-end new products into Korean customers, gross interest rates are also relatively rising, and profits can also pay double-digit growth performance. Next year, when MINI LED products join the contributing revenue camp, the performance can grow considerably.——Micro/Mini LED

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