Mullinsen Research Report: Packaging Manufacturing Plate And Brand Channel Parallel

- Jan 19, 2019-

Mu linsen accepted the institutional research, chairman sun qinghuan, chief financial officer yi yanan, secretary of the board of directors li guanqun on the future of the main business pattern changes, high inventory, expected difficulties and other exchanges and expressed views on the lighting market.

About the current main business of mulinsen and the change of the future pattern, sun qinghuan, chairman of mulinsen, said that before, the main business of the company is packaging, after the integration of landesvance into the company, the company is divided into two main plates, one plate for the manufacturing plate, the other plate for the brand channel.

First of all, the manufacturing sector is built on the layout of packaging field for many years. In the LED industry, products can be diversified.

In the future, the manufacturing sector will focus on lamp beads, circuit boards and power supply control.

Brand channel of another plate drove mu linsen to make plate greatly.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the linkage effect of the two sectors began to manifest, which was mainly realized through the running-in of business philosophy, strengthening the standardization of products and reducing production costs.

At the same time, the company also has better cooperation with foreign large light source manufacturers, the quality and supply are fully guaranteed, the competitiveness is further improved.

On how to do a good job in the brand channel, the first is to grasp the overall direction through discussion, by the professional marketing team is responsible for the brand channel;

Second, he believes that whether it is brand or marketing, the most important or core competitiveness of the product.

Drive the brand and channel end through the most competitive products.

In response to the high inventory and periodic problems, sun qinghuan said that the company has been adjusting the product structure, through the conversion of product structure to adjust the inventory structure.

In addition, due to the impact of the overall environment in 2018, the total demand has slowed down under the change of the overall environment, resulting in the excess chip production capacity, leading to greater price competition for lighting products.

For this problem, the company's countermeasures include making full use of existing equipment and plant, controlling and adjusting the input of fixed assets.

In accordance with the existing market, the company in the future in the small spacing of the display lamp bead packaging will be through technological innovation to cope with the anticipated difficulties.

White light has maintained a stable output and is further optimizing the product structure. In addition, the export volume of products has increased.

When it comes to lighting market this year, Sun Qing haun thinks, lighting market is divided into two categories: one kind is export high-end products have a patent, the other is in emerging markets dominated by cost-effective products, under the condition of the market environment is not good, customers more concerned about performance, in terms of the white light LED products, wooden Lin Senyou relatively obvious advantage.

In terms of high-end products, landevance drives the demand of foreign high-end lamp beads, and the cooperation with kaifa crystal also solves the problem of patent outlet.