Mullinsen Subsidiary Changed Its Name, And Infett Shareholders Reduced Their Holdings By 450,700 Shares

- Jun 24, 2019-

Mullinsen subsidiary changed its name, and infett shareholders reduced their holdings by 450,700 shares

19-06-24 11:02:48 [editor: Andygui]

Mu linsen wholly-owned subsidiary was renamed ji 'an mu linsen industrial co., LTD

A few days ago, mulinsen issued a notice announcing the name of a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of wood Tomlinson it wood Tomlinson photoelectric co., LTD., in order to better carry out the company's overall development strategy, combined with its business development needs, the company name by "it wood Tomlinson photoelectric co., LTD." changed to "it wood Tomlinson industrial co., LTD.", other industrial and commercial registration matters did not change.

At present, the relevant procedures have been completed, and obtained the replacement of the "business license".

Gian wooden Tomlinson's business scope includes light-emitting diodes (leds), liquid crystal display, LED series products and materials, electronic products, all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration, electronic packaging materials production, sale, the above products import and export business and domestic trade;

Urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting, construction, undertake night view engineering design and construction, greening engineering construction (with effective quality certificate);

Aluminum alloy, stainless steel production;

Energy conservation technology research and development services, energy contract management;

Pre-packaged food, wine, tobacco products, daily provisions, fruit, stationery sales;

Enterprise own housing lease.

Infett shareholders holding more than 5% of the total reduction of 450,700 shares

A few days ago, infelter announced that zhejiang huarui taixin venture capital investment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "huarui taixin") and zhejiang shangzhi equity investment partnership (hereinafter referred to as "shangzhi investment"), the shareholders holding more than 5% of the company's shares, have reduced their holdings by 170,000 shares and 287,700 shares respectively.

According to the announcement, huarui taixin intends to reduce its total shares by centralized bidding or block trading to no more than 8,905,000 shares, that is, no more than 4.41% of the total share capital of the company at that time.

Shangzhi investment through centralized bidding or block trading and other ways to reduce the company's shares in total no more than 8,119,121 shares, that is, no more than 4.02% of the total capital stock of the company at that time.

Before the reduction, the shareholding ratio of huarui taixin and hezhi investment was 6.9397% and 6.8564% respectively, and the shareholding ratio after the reduction was 6.8514% and 6.7106%.