Nanjing Adds New Landmark 24 Hours Gallery To Light Up Civic Art Night Life

- Nov 07, 2018-

Ordinary broomsticks turn into brilliant rainbows, revolving chain monkey artworks, and use waste to outline dream lighting devices... A new landmark will be added to the Nanjing Youth Olympic axis.

24 hours, the art gallery is officially open.

On the evening of November 1, the first 24-hour Art Museum in Nanjing, built by Hexi Jianye, was officially opened. Eight "glass boxes" unveiled the mystery and showcased in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Park with a number of artistic lighting devices. In the future, it will light up citizens'art nightlife. Citizens can not only take pictures and punch cards here, but also appreciate the beauty of art.

Nearly 3000 brooms form a gorgeous rainbow.

"How did these glass houses become so beautiful?" On the night of November 1st, the mysterious "glass box" was finally unveiled and formally met with the public. Bright lights, chic shapes, many people came forward to take a group photo punch.

Artificial rainbow

From the unused glass house on the square to the new landmark on the axis of the Youth Olympic Games, what wonderful things are hidden in the gorgeous transformed "glass box"? Jiangsu Fenghuang Net noticed that a "rainbow" on the side of the square is particularly noticeable. Close observation will reveal that the "rainbow" consists of nearly 3,000 ordinary brooms.

The rainbow formed by brooms attracts onlookers.

A broom, often hidden in a corner, is ignored. Putting 3000 brooms together is a brilliant rainbow. Feng Qie, the designer of "Artificial Rainbow", told Fenghuang. com in Jiangsu: "In many people's eyes, art is noble, with the best materials and the most expensive things." And he prefers to use small things in his life as design elements. "This is actually a gesture, hoping that people will approach art, and art is not too cold." Feng Qi hoped that through so many broomsticks to form images that everyone could understand, people would stop and explore the strength of the group. As long as the broom was united upward, the ordinary broom could also have the brilliance of the rainbow.

Technology box allows you to listen to Nanjing and love words.

At the time of the 2008 China (Nanjing) Cultural Science and Technology Fusion Fair and Tencent Global Partnership Conference in Jianye District, there are two special science and technology paradigm "boxes" among the eight "boxes" on display.

Walking into the "Let the world listen to Nanjing" created by Himalayas, I feel like I am in a sound box. In addition to hearing the introduction and songs of Nanjing from the gramophone, I can also wear headphones to listen to the audio of the author who introduced the dream of the Red Chamber, and the letter written to my wife by Deng Zhongxia, the revolutionary hero of Nanjing. During the exhibition, the public can also participate in the "one minute introduction to Nanjing" audio challenge contest, that is, to record one minute of audio on the spot and talk about Nanjing in their hearts.

The love words you say to Nanjing can be translated into many languages at once, and can also be projected on the curtain wall... The "AI box" created by Tencent allows the residents to enter the box and say their "love words" to the microphone. With the help of Tencent Translator's intelligent translation technology, all voices are instantly "translated" into multi-lingual text, and instantly projected into virtual chat bubbles on the "glass box" curtain wall. From a distance, a huge chat window appears on the curtain wall. With the projection of the atmosphere lamp, the overall effect is both fantastic and full of technology.

Each "glass box" has different highlights.

In addition, the work "Daqun" uses revolving chain monkey sculptures to reflect the primitive relationship between people; various cakes with personal dreams, accompanied by slogans "May your dreams come true", to express a person's ideal and desire to leave the scene; there are also artists'studios, boats, foxes, self-confident cars and so on. Objects allow citizens to look for artists' creative marks.

The waste lighting device makes up the bright night scene.

Lighting device for mountain and water theme

Scattered around the square, there are dozens of unique lighting devices. Some like hills standing in the lake, some like reeds floating by the lake, there are lotus leaves, boats and so on, which add a little tenderness to the landscape here.

Works of art from waste

It is worth mentioning that these artistic lighting devices are all made of waste, including mineral water bottles, wine bottles, glass slag and so on. "These are common materials in life, such as mineral water bottles, and after drinking the water inside, they become works of art to show the landscape." Su Xinghua, one of the designers and a graduate student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University, said that by turning waste into works of art, citizens could be encouraged to enhance their awareness of environmental protection.

In the evening, the professional orchestra, Alexander Piyankovsky, a Russian violinist and conductor, was set up to perform and create in one. It was the live performance of the Alexander Chamber Orchestra.

Following the launch, the 24-hour Art Museum will update the exhibition theme every two months. Citizens can come here at any time to open "Art Nightlife" and enjoy the artistic beauty of different exhibitions.

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