NARLabs Is Working With Imec Of Belgium To Develop MicroLED Detection Instruments

- Sep 20, 2018-

Micro LED technology can be applied in all fields of TV. Samsung and other international manufacturers are competing for research and development. NARLabs signed a memorandum yesterday (20) with the microelectronics research center of Belgium to help Taiwan factories to compete with South Korea in Micro LED field.

Micro LED is a new generation of display technology after OLED. International manufacturers, including samsung, Sony and yoda, all display related conceptual products. According to the latest report by LEDinside, the market value of Micro LED and Mini LED is estimated to reach $1.38 billion by 2022.

The low power consumption of Micro LED can be applied in industries such as tablet computer, smart phone or TV. In the future, business opportunities are endless. Korean manufacturers have already taken the lead in OLED industry.

NARLabs yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the world renowned research unit, the Belgian microelectronics research center (Imec), to strengthen the close cooperation between the two sides and jointly develop advanced technologies such as hyperspectrum. This cooperation will help NARLabs establish a cooperative relationship with international large factories and expand the popularity and influence of Taiwan in the field of instrument technology.

Wang yonghe, director of NARLabs, said that the Belgian microelectronics research center is a world-leading research and innovation center in the field of nanometer electronics and digital technology, and has cooperation with many international large factories. This time, he signed a memorandum of cooperation with NARLabs to develop new technologies and provide sufficient support to local enterprise customers.

NARLabs instrument technology research center, deputy director of the Gao Jianxun said that Korean firms on the OLED has access to the majority of international attention, factory in the middle of the competition is very difficult, the Micro LED is the emerging science and technology, although it is not true, but subsequent opportunity is very big, manufacturers want to all countries and regions in which force, machine factory, too, in this new industry competition, and Korean manufacturers machine factory of world war I can't lose.

Gao Jianxun pointed out that technology is leading Belgian microelectronics research center, with TSMC and other companies have the cooperation, the two sides signed the memorandum of cooperation, the future will use hyperspectral technology, jointly developed Micro LED testing instrument, help desk factory inspection related products, ensure the quality of the goods, let they can beat South Korea and other countries and regions of manufacturers, in the Micro LED industry become one of the strongest.