NARLabs Works With Belgium Imec To Develop MicroLED Testing Instruments.

- Sep 28, 2018-

Micro LED technology can be used in all areas of television, Samsung and other international manufacturers are scrambling to invest in research and development, NARLabs yesterday (20) signed a memorandum with Belgium's Microelectronics Research Center to help Taiwan manufacturers in the field of Microelectronics can be with South Korea World War I.——Micro/Mini LED

Micro-LED is a new generation of display technology after OLED. International manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and Youda all display related conceptual products. According to the latest report of LED in, the market value of Micro-LED and Mini-LED is estimated to reach 1.38 billion US dollars by 2022. Yuan.——Micro/Mini LED

Micro LED low power features can be used in tablet computers, smart phones or television and other industries, the future business opportunities are endless, Korean manufacturers in the OLED industry has grabbed a leading position, micro LED industry stage plants need to rush to catch up with the South Korean war.——Micro/Mini LED

NARLabs yesterday signed a memorandum of cooperation with the world-renowned research institute, the Belgian Microelectronics Research Center (Imec), to strengthen close cooperation between the two sides to jointly develop advanced technologies such as hyperspectral. This cooperation will help NARLabs to establish cooperative relations with major international factories and expand Taiwan's visibility and influence in the field of instrumentation technology.——Micro/Mini LED

NAR Labs President Wang Yonghe said that Belgium Microelectronics Research Center is a leading research and innovation center in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technology. It has cooperative relations with many major international factories. This time, it signed a memorandum of cooperation with NAR Labs to develop new technologies and provide full support to local enterprises.——Micro/Mini LED

Ko Jian-fun, deputy director of NARLabs Instrument Science and Technology Research Center, said that Korean manufacturers have won most of the international attention on OLED. Taiwanese manufacturers have a very hard time competing in OLED. Micro LED is a new technology in the future. Although it has not been commercialized yet, the follow-up business opportunities are very big. Manufacturers from different countries and regions want to seize the first opportunity in OLED. Taiwan is also the same. In the new industry competition, Taiwan and Korea manufacturers can not lose in the first World War.——Micro/Mini LED

Gao Jianxun pointed out that Belgium's Microelectronics Research Center is very advanced in technology, and has cooperation with Taiji Electric Power and other large factories. This time the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation. In the future, we will use hyperspectral technology to jointly develop micro LED detection instruments to help Taiwanese manufacturers detect related commodities, ensure the quality of commodities, so that they can defeat Korea and so on. Manufacturers in various countries and regions have become the strongest members in the Micro LED industry.——Micro/Mini LED

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